About UIC

UIC Council


Professor Jialu Xu
Former Vice-Chairman, Standing Committee of the National People's Congress; Beijing Normal University


Mr. Yan-kee Cheng
Council and Court Chairman, Hong Kong Baptist University
Professor Qi Dong
President, Beijing Normal University
Professor Roland T. Chin
President and Vice-Chancellor, Hong Kong Baptist University
Professor Zuoyu Zhou

Vice-President, Beijing Normal University
Professor Qingyun Tu
Assistant to President of Beijing Normal University; President of Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai
Professor Yu Huang
Associate Vice-President; Dean, School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University
Professor Ricky N.S Wong
Associate Vice-President; Chair Professor in Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University
Professor Xiumei Wang
Director, Office of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs, Beijing Normal University
Professor Ching-Fai Ng
President of UIC 

Council Secretary

Professor Sze-Yong Zee
UIC Vice-President (Academic)




Remark: Updated on January, 2017.


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