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PhD, Sociology, The University of Hong Kong (2008)
MSc, Community Health and Health Management, Heidelberg University (2003)

PGIC, Human Rights, The United Nations University (2001)

MSS, Anthropology, Jahangirnagar University (1998)

BSS, Anthropology, Jahangirnagar University (1996)

Academic Title

Associate Professor, Associate Fellow

Area of Expertise

Sociology, Public Health, Medical Anthropology, Gender and Sexuality, Environmental health, Globalization, Health tourism, Ayurveda, Chinese Herbal medicine, China-India comparison

Courses Teaching


Interdisciplinary Courses

Environment, Food and Psychological Health: An Asian Perspective

General Education Elective Courses


SOC 1240 Asian Medicine and Globalization

SOC 1330 Asian Health and Wellness

SOC 1190 Introduction to Public Health

SOC 1060 Gender and Sexuality

SOC 1180 Globalization and Society

Research Projects

2014. Human Demography and public health challenges in contemporary China (Convener). Convene Academic Conference Grant, United International College. Awarded amount: RMB 29,000

2011-13. The business of Chinese Medicine today: Commodification and paradigm (Principal investigator). College Research Grant, United International College. Awarded amount: RMB 38,000

2010-12. Globalization and wellness health tourism in China: Paradigm, prospects and challenges (Principal investigator) (Completed), College Research Grant, United International College. Awarded amount: RMB 18,850.


Recent Publications

Journal articles



“Medical secularism vs. religious secularism: new era of ayurveda in India”(Accepted in March 2014), Indian Journal of Social Work. Mumbai: Tata Institute of Social Sciences (SSCI).


“Massage (àn mó) and related services as popular culture: New consumption and fluid sex hierarchy in contemporary China” (Accepted in February 2014), Advances in Applied Sociology, Scientific Research Publication.



“Chinese Medicine as wellness health tourism product niche in China: Prospect and challenges” (Under review), The International Journal of Tourism Sciences.




“The promotion of masculinity and femininity through ayurveda in modern India”, Indian Journal of Gender Studies by Centre for Women’s Development Studies, Volume 20, Issue 3, PP.415-434. New Delhi: Sage Publication. SSCI Impact Factor 0.212 (2011), Journal Citation Reports ® (Thomson Reuters, 2012) (Co-author Kuah-Pearce, K E).




New Age Orientalism: Ayurvedic ‘wellness and spa’ culture”。 Health Sociology Review, published in association with The Australian Sociological Association, Volume 21, Issue 2, pp.220-231. SSCI Impact Factor 0.66 (2010) ERA Rank B, Journal Citation Reports ® (Thomson Reuters, 2011).



Repackaging ayurveda in post-colonial India: Revival or dilution?” South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies by South Asian Studies Association of Australia, Volume 35, Issue 3, pp. 503-519. Oxfordshire: Routledge Journal, Taylor and Francis, (SCOPUS).




Indigenous medicine as commodity: Local reach of ayurveda in modern India”. Current Sociology, Volume 58, Issue 5, pp. 777-798. London: Sage Publications. SSCI Impact Factor 0.896 (2011), Journal Citation Reports ® (Thomson Reuters, 2012).




Reviving ayurveda in modern India: Prospects and challenges”. International Review of Modern Sociology, Volume 35, Issue 1, pp. 137-147.



Pluralism, parallel medical practices and question of tension: The Philippine experience”. Anthropology Matters, Volume 7, Issue 2. London: Postgraduate network of the Association of Social Anthropologist (ASA) in UK and Commonwealth.


Book project (2013-14)

An Asian brand but Western product: Chinese and Indian medicine during today


Room B 434

Phone: 86-0756-3620532

Email: nazrul@uic.edu.hk

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