"Four-Point Education" is the unique and innovative educational philosophy of Beijing Normal University - Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (referred UIC) . "Four-Point ",refers to teachers (school), students, family, and country (society). It is student centered, gathered power of school, family and society, positive interacted through the Quartet, made use of a full range of care and services for students in terms of learning, life, family, psychological, career development, combined with students' self-education and improved student-centered education model, to foster holistic goals and successfully achieved a smooth transition for student to the community.


The function of Four-Point Education Coordination Office, is that student centered, keep in touch with parents, alumnis, and community, to seek a share of resources and energy, and promote the development of students.

As the integration of the Quartet resources, contact one of the parties to the external platform, in order to provide better services for parents, alumni, community, extensive and effective access to and utilization of resources for the development of many schools, Four-Point Education Coordination Office set four plates,including the Parents Affairs Section, Alumni Affairs Section, Student Career Development Section, and Social Resources Development Section.

the Student Career Development Section

Four-Point Education Coordination Office together with the Student Career Section coordinates with the different academic divisions, offices for career preparation, further study, internship /job opportunities and government graduate services for students. It also collects the graduate employment survey data and makes the report.

the Parents Affairs Association

Points Education Coordination Office will support with service to parents association. When you join the Association, you are not only supporting your student, but also supporting the College. We know that the more informed you are, the better we can work together to help our students achieve their goals.

Alumni Affairs Section

The Alumni Affairs Section is focused on bringing different UIC alumni together through different activities, including “Home Come Day”, oversea further studies experience sharing, Career Sharing. This helps to keep a close bonding between the alumni and UIC.At the same time, we can make good use of wide network of alumni overseas or those in Hong Kong and Macau for job opportunities for students at UIC.It also created a platform for students to develop their own business venture after their graduation.

High Table Dinner

Blending Western and Oriental learnings and philosophy and inaugurating our students to become adult members of society with broad vision and groomed with whole person virtues opening up academic discussions and learn from them. It helps building bridges for more academic discussions.

Fundraising and donation works

It is one of the major tasks of FPECO Putting into acting of collecting donations from society and alumni. The collected donations are beneficial for the continues development of UIC.UIC proactively created a development fund to ensure for future development and acts like and extra engine of growth.

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