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The 4th International Conference on English, Discourse and Intercultural Communication witnesses UIC’s talents

A group of UIC students, teachers and a graduate presented their research results to academics from all around the world at the 4th International Conference on English, Discourse and Intercultural Communication (EDIC) held in Macau on 4-7 June.

20130607EDIC 1

These four students are from the Teaching English as a Second Language Programme: Chen Manqi, He Cuiying, Liang Xiaoying and Wang Lichun. They talked about a variety of topics of English teaching and learning. Besides, Dr. Dave Towey, Deputy Director of the English Language Centre and the students’ Final Year Project supervisor, and Dr. Terence Shortall, Associate Professor from the Division of Humanities & Social Sciences, both had their research results introduced in the conference in Macau. In addition, Alex Wang, a UIC graduate and who has recently completed his master programme in IT in Education at The University of Hong Kong, presented a paper co-authored with Dr. Towey.

20130607EDIC Chen Manqi 20130607EDIC He Cuiying
20130607EDIC Liang Xiaoying 20130607EDIC Wang Lichun
Chen Manqi (top left), He Cuiying (top right), Liang Xiaoying (bottom left) and Wang Lichun making presentations

The conference was attended by over 150 scholars and academics from different countries. The four UIC girls, who were the only undergraduate presenters at the conference, were able to conduct themselves well in such high ranking academic circles.

“Although inexperienced, they put a lot of effort into their researches and presentations. I was very proud watching them present to the experienced teachers and senior academics, and impress them all! Not only were their presentations excellent, but their ability to react appropriately and professionally to the questions and discussion afterwards was even more so!” Dr. Dave Towey said.

20130607EDIC dave
Dr. Dave Towey at the conference

The conference was co-organised by Macao Polytechnic Institute, the Education Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Xinjiang Normal University. It was conducted over two parts: the one held in Macao and the one next in Urumqi. The conference included many speeches, workshops and discussions by prominent scholars and outstanding researchers. This was the second time that UIC participated in the event.

20130607EDIC 2
UIC participants


Reporter/Photographer: Liang Xiaoying
Editor: Deen He
(from MPRO, with special thanks to the ELC)

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