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UIC holds its 5th Graduation Ceremony and Honorary Fellowship Conferment

A total of approximately 1,000 graduates received their graduation certificates, and four distinguished individuals were conferred Honorary Fellowships, at the 5th Graduation Ceremony and Honorary Fellowship Conferment at UIC on 22 June.


The 5th Graduation Ceremony and Honorary Fellowship Conferment is held

In his address to the graduates, UIC President Prof. Ng Ching-Fai said that this year UIC marks two breakthroughs: one is that UIC implements a Comprehensive Evaluation System for student recruitment in Guangdong Province; and the other is that despite its financial constraints, the Zhuhai Municipal Government has resolved to grant UIC 300 mu (about 200,000 square meters) of land to build a new campus.

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Prof. Ng Ching-Fai with a graduate

With the land grant, the College will expand its physical capacity, add new curricula to further meet society’s needs, improve campus infrastructure, and subsequently be better equipped to realise its goals of whole person education and liberal arts education and to keep abreast with the world’s finest institutions of a similar kind.

Prof. Zee Sze-Yong, Vice President of UIC, presenting the graduation certificate

This year UIC conferred Honorary Fellowships on four prominent individuals: Dr. Moses M.C. Cheng, the Chairman of the Education Commission in Hong Kong and the senior partner of P.C. Woo & Co.; Dr. William Jeffrey Craft, President of Concordia College; Mr. Liu Hongwei, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Singyes Solar Technologies Holdings; and Prof. Wu Jianmin, a former diplomatist, Vice Chairman of the China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy and Honorary President of the International Bureau of Exhibitions.

On behalf of Prof. Jialu Xu, the Chairman of the UIC Council, Prof. Albert S.C. Chan, a member of the UIC Council and President of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), conferred Honorary Fellowships on these four persons.

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(from left) Dr. William Jeffrey Craft, Prof. Wu Jianmin, Prof. Albert S.C. Chan, Prof. Ng Ching-Fai, Mr. Liu Hongwei and Dr. Moses M.C. Cheng

UIC established such conferment system last year in keeping with HKBU’s tradition. The Honorary Fellowship is an honour bestowed on distinguished contributors to the life and mission of UIC for their sustained commitment to the development of education and society.

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The 2013 Honorary Fellows

Back in 2010, Honorary Fellow Prof. Wu Jianmin visited UIC and gave a talk at the High Table Dinner. In 2011, he represented the China Education Advisory Committee in its assessment visit to UIC. He praised UIC highly for its experiment in education, and encouraged it to explore and innovate as a pioneer in higher education in China. At the Conferment he delivered a vote of thanks, consenting to UIC’s educational goal and mission for training the best graduates not only for China but also for the world. “We will do our best to support UIC,” he said.

wu jianmin2
Prof. Wu Jianmin tells the graduates to live dignifiedly and work steadily

Nearly 60% of the graduates choose to continue their studies in various institutions such as the University of Edinburgh, the London School of Economics and Political Science, the University of Sydney, Australian National University, Hong Kong University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Some of those who decide to start a career are employed by the Big Four accounting firms (PWC, Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst & Young), Watsons, Meizu Technology, Kingsoft and other famous enterprises.

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The deans of the three divisions of UIC, Prof. Mei-Hwa Sung, Prof. Stephen Chung and Prof. Stella Cho, present the souvenir, My Days at UIC, to the graduates

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Many kinfolks and friends come from afar to witness the moment of the graduates’ joy

Li Xuanmin, a graduate from the International Journalism Programme, has received the notice of acceptance from the University College London. "UIC has seen me grow. I now know my attitude to life. I have become more optimistic, mature and rational. UIC’s inclusive and diverse academic atmosphere helped me find myself and gradually comprehend the essence of learning."

4.8    5.gc2
Graduates throw their mortarboards in the air

(Visit “Address to the Graduates by Prof. C.F. NG, President”,
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"A Citation for Honorary Fellow Dr. William Jeffrey Craft”,
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"A Citation for Honorary Fellow Prof. Wu Jianmin",
and “Vote of Thanks from Prof. Wu Jianmin” for full profiles). 

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(from MPRO, with special thanks to the ELC)

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