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Hong Kong and mainland youths: Communication matters

Communication leads to community. During the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong handover, UIC organised programmes for hundreds of students from mainland and Hong Kong to gain a better understanding of each other.

Hong Kong New Youth World participants set off to Qi'ao Island by cycling

“This is my first time to visit Zhuhai. I can see the roads are very wide, the landscape is beautiful, the people are very hospitable, and the pace of life is slow and comfortable,” said Chan Sze Wing, a student from Leung Shek Chee College in Hong Kong, when talking about her first impressions of Zhuhai.

She has visited many mainland cities and each time was a new experience. “I would love to visit the mainland more often as it is a different way of life from that of Hong Kong.”

Chan was one of the 150 participants of the Hong Kong Youth New World summer camp. As part of the camp they spent four days at UIC from 30 June to 3 July, which was the third time UIC has arranged this programme.

Youth New World participants celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China

These secondary school students from Hong Kong had their adrenaline going at UIC’s Whole Person Education Experiential Development module, when they enjoyed the aerial challenge courses, which encouraged them to trust members of their team.

The summer camp was packed with events like cycling 60 kilometres to Qi’ao Island, participating in English lectures, and many more team activities.



Lee Wing Yi took part in the first Youth New World summer camp and was so enthralled that she has become an administrative supporting role in the camp for the next few years.

“I haven’t completely adapted to the city, but I find that the social environment is friendlier,” Lee said. “I’m learning Mandarin. I have more opportunities to practise and hone my Mandarin skills with the more times I come to the mainland.”

On the other hand, a record number of 414 UIC students started their one-month summer programme at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) on 4 July. Fellow students included over 200 HKBU students, 29 HKBU international exchange students as well as 23 from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

UIC students arrive at HKBU

Presented to them is a platform to learn about the local people and culture. A total of 31 courses are offered by more than 30 HKBU teachers. In addition to the academic lectures, they are given choices to visit places like the Hong Kong High Court, the Legislative Council, the Monetary Authority and the Institute of Bankers.

A UIC student performs dancing at the opening ceremony of HKBU summer programme

A HKBU student presents a piano performance

Zhang Qiyan, a UIC International Journalism Year 2 student, said the summer break enables them to join meaningful study programmes, and she looked forward to the cross-discipline study amid an international atmosphere.

Some UIC students shared the dormitory with exchange students. Xiang Jiapeng from the Cinema and Television Programme mentioned his roommate is an open-minded and sociable Irish. “We discuss Western and Chinese cultures. I expect this will be a great adventure,” he added.


Reporter: Deen He
Photographer: Yang Qihui, Liang Jianhao
Editor: Samuel Burgess
(from MPRO)

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