If you like baking or cultural traveling, then the innovative mobile platforms designed by UIC students will catch your eye.

At the 7th China National College Student “Innovation, Originality and Entrepreneurship” Final Competition on 22 July, two teams from UIC named “Bake Partnership” and “Lalala” won first prize for their Bake App and Belocal Cultural Traveling projects respectively. “Bake Partnership" also seized the Award of Originality.

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"Lalala" and "Bake Partnership" with Professor Stella Cho, Dr Karen Lee and Dr Shawn Tang

According to the award-winning students, these two projects will be in operation soon.

Altogether 1,200 universities that help created more than 20,000 teams from across mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao competed in this competition.

A total of seven teams from Guangdong universities took part in the final round held in Xi’an Jiaotong University, winning a Grand Prize and two First Prizes.

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National-level Competition Award Ceremony

It was the third time for UIC to participate in the competition. During the Guangdong provincial competition, UIC students captured two Grand Prizes, two First Prizes, four Second Prizes, two Awards of Entrepreneurship, three Awards of Originality and one Award of Innovation.

Bake App

Bake App is based on the notions of a “sharing economy” and a “gig economy”. It creates value by generating a baked community and baked e-commerce as main functions and utilizing Internet technology to integrate fragment resources in bakeries.

Bake App is now in the final testing phase and expected to be launched in August.


Team "Bake Partnership"

Lyu Zhaoji, a senior student of the Management of Human Resources Programme, is the leader of "Bake Partnership". Other team members are all Year Four students, including Zhou Haoyu (Marketing Management), Chen Liangyu (Applied Economics), Wang Boxiang (Finance), Gao Ming (Management of Human Resources), Ruan Sheng (Applied Economics), Gao Yuchao and Ma Chenyu (both Computer Science and Technology). With the love of food and baking as well as the dream of Internet start-ups, this team came true.

Belocal Cultural Traveling

“Lalala” team was created by Gu Liwen, Bi Yu, Fu Ying (Year Three, Finance) and He Yingtong (Year Three, Accounting). Guided by the multiple intelligences theory, the project provides services including cultural tourism, volunteer services, and traditional Chinese art traveling services according to the cultural characteristics of different countries and regions.


Team "Lalala"

Currently, this team enables the project in their WeChat public account, while also is developing a mobile app to optimize customers’ traveling experience and make it more convenient for visitors.

Professor Stella Cho, Dean of the Division of Business and Management, was gratified by the students’ achievements. She encouraged more students to apply the knowledge and skills they learn at UIC as well as developing a holistic perspective when producing a project.

Reporters: Hu Taotao, Zhou Guanyu

Photos provided by DBM

Editors: Deen He, Samuel Burgess

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