The annual Student Interest Clubs Recruitment event was held during the middle of the day on 27 September in the Hui Xian Village at UIC. The purpose of this event is to welcome and encourage new students to join various clubs on campus.

Image7Many students show up to check out the campus clubs

Image3Club members introduce new students to their clubs

Image4New students find clubs that match their interests

Even though it was a hot day, club members carried on with their scheduled performances to recruit students to become new members. The Kyudo Club members demonstrated the correct archery posture while being fully clothed in archery attire. Members of the UIC Crew Club performed a dance while the Lion Dragon Dance Team performed their signature lion dance. The purpose of these performances was to “Attract more students to join the clubs by showing the fun activities they can partake in”, said Chen Kefan, a Year Three CELL student who is a member of the Lion Dragon Dance Team. Chen Kefan also believes that since joining the Lion Dragon Dance Team, she feels more responsible because she has had to report to and work with a team.

Image1A Kyudo Club member demonstrates the proper archery posture

Image2Members of the Lion Dragon Dance Team perform for new students

Image8New students can try out a variety of activities including sports

Since the beginning of the event, there was an increase in students that came to check out the various activities being presented by the clubs as well as being able to find clubs that they may be interested in joining. One Year One student said “I can feel the enthusiasm of some clubs’ members and I have applied to join a club that I’m interested in.” Another Year One student said that “This is my first time to participate in such a large-scale collective recruiting activity, and for me it is a completely new experience.” When it came to the reason why they applied to join some clubs, another student mentioned, “I think life in college is different from high school. Rather than only studying, I can make my college life more colourful and interesting.”

Image5Students look at all the opportunities available

Image6There were many clubs on display

Image9The Traditional Arts Club models traditional clothing

Returning club members were asked how they felt about participating in the Student Interest Clubs Recruitment for the second or third time, with Cui Xinshu, a Year Two IJ student, replying “I am kind of moved because even though it is a very hot day, it didn’t reduce the enthusiasm of the new students. I thought there would not be so many students because of the weather.” Cui Xinshu also remarked that “When I was answering some Year One students’ questions, I realized they were asking similar questions that I had asked when I was new at UIC. I believe this experience will help them as it has helped me.”

Reporter: Deng Min (IJ, Year 2)
Photographer: Ivy Liao (MPRO)
Editors: Samantha Burns, Samuel Burgess, Deen He (MPRO)
(from MPRO)

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