From 27 to 29 September, the World Education Day Conference was held at the Dalian International Conference Center. UIC President Ng Ching-Fai was invited to attend the conference and deliver a speech at the ‘Forum of New Leadership in Education’.


World Education Day aims to create a diverse platform for attendees to gain a comprehensive understanding of the constantly growing and evolving culture of education while also promoting traditional Chinese culture. During the three days at the conference, a grand total of more than 1500 guests including education experts from all over the world gathered together.


On the 27th at the ‘Forum of New Leadership in Education’, President Ng Ching-Fai delivered two speeches titled "A Call for Diversity in 21st Century Higher Education" and "UIC, the First Liberal Arts University in Mainland China - A Tale of 'East Meets West'". The President also participated in the International Education Leaders Summit along with other education experts to discuss educational ideas, teaching methods, exchange school construction experience, explore education reform and promote the modernization of education.


In addition, other domestic and foreign education experts as well as scholars presented more than 150 keynote speeches, coming from more than 40 countries and regions.

Reporter: Samantha Burns (MPRO)
Photographer: Li Mei (IDO)
Editors: Deen He, Samuel Burgess (MPRO)


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