Awards for academic excellence during the 2016-2017 academic year were granted to 530 recipients during the presentation ceremony on 20 December. There were 17 different types of scholarships presented, amounting to approximately 6.3 million yuan.

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President of UIC, Prof Ng Ching-Fai, gave a speech to start the presentation ceremony. “When you are achieving excellent academic performance, do not forget to have a higher pursuit, and also make social contributions,” said Prof Ng. He encouraged students to be well-rounded citizens who can think actively and take responsibility. He also gave praise to the contributions from all staff that work hard to provide students with high-quality learning resources and improved learning environments.

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Year Four TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) student, Feng Zeyu, received the First Class Award and the National Scholarship. She spoke as a representative for all the students awarded scholarships. She expressed her gratitude to her friends, family and teachers at UIC, and hoped that all the students can maintain their excellent performance.

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Year Two CTV (Cinema and Television) student, Chan Ka-Hei, was awarded a  renewal of her HK School Principal Nomination Bursary as well as the Mr and Mrs Cutrupia Scholarship. She said that the campus life at UIC helped her to broaden her horizons and extend her social circle.

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Five foreign students received the Guangdong Government Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarship. Additionally, this year seven students renewed their Full Entrance Scholarship thanks to their continued excellent performance.

The First Class Award was received by 95 students and the Second Class Award was received by 293 students. In addition to five students winning the China Unicom Scholarship, four received the Mr and Mrs Cutrupia Scholarship.

This year, UIC set up two new scholarships: the UIC Hand in Hand Bursary and the Huaxin Scholarship. The UIC Hand in Hand Bursary is donated by alumni and aims at offering support and care to a student whose family is suffering from financial difficulties. The Huaxin Scholarship rewards freshmen who have achieved high scores on the National College Entrance Examination, with the receiver getting a 40,000 RMB deduction in their first year.

                                       Reporter: Yin Lanjing (Y2, IJ)
Photographer: Liang Jianhao (Y2, IJ)
Editors: Samantha Burns, Deen He (MPRO)

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