In the Greek myth, Mentor is an old man (Odysseus)become the teacher and friend of of his sonMentor means, todayan enlightening mastera teacher and a friendloyalwisdom with concernIn Greek history《奥德赛》scenesGoddess of wisdom and art as a Mentor advises Odyssesus and his sonMentor then widely accepts as loyalty, reliable and wisdom

TodayMentor program in college, mentorship in corporationsnaming Mentorin practice, we invite an experienced, senior staff and friendto advise the young entrants with suitable ideasbringing in insightsIn the college, teacher extends care through wisdom, guidance in the college lifeMentor uses their experiencelistens to the youngsters’ worries on a regular basis, advises timely, minimizes detours for the youngster.In search of knowledge or adversities, mentors support the youngster as they confronts obstacles in diversities, stimulates their growth and development. Our dreams today can be the past experience of the mentors, their belief and values.

This program operates at UIC (Mentor Caring Programme, MCP)is an important network that ties students, mentor who represents the college, bridging with senior students as peer mentors, maintains good relationships. At the same time, Mentor will share their precious experience, nurture and promotes the personal growth of the students. Student intakes the guidance and concern from the Mentors, adjust smoothly to the international education module of UIC.

This year (2014-2015)All new students join MCPthey are in one of the 118 groupsguides by a mentor who is a teacher in their own programMentor will conduct individual interview, telephone contact and email to keep close concern with the new students, care about their living within the campus, offer support and help. There are 2 to 3 peer mentors who are the senior students of the program, selected and trained to become (Peer Mentor)liaise the Mentor and Mentees contact, and assist in organizing various activities.

MCP objectives

Bridging the communication between the College and the students.

Facilitating the personal growth and development of students by providing concern,   guidance, advice and support.

Enhancing mentors’ effectiveness in communicating with mentees, understanding their problems and needs, and giving help.

Establishing a warm and caring atmosphere in the UIC campus so as to cultivate a sense of belonging.

Mentor Roles

ObserverTo understandthelearningand daily life of mentees, and to identify any problem encountered bythem that needs assistance.

Care-giverTo establish a mutual and effective communication with mentees, and toestablish a trusting relationship between mentor-mentee and among mentees so as to create a concerning and supportive atmosphere for facilitating mentees motivation to seek help when needed.

Advisor:To give guidance and advices to mentees on their learning and living in UIC.

Mediator:Act as the bridge between school and students.

Resources ProviderProvide useful information to facilitate the mentee’s adaptation to college life.

Peer Mentors

Year 2 students;

On voluntary basis;

Make application to CPGU-SAO before the MCP starts, endorsed by the Deans;

Receive training organized by CPGU.

College Role

1   SupportStudent Affairs OfficeSAOoffers support and resources to coordinate and administer the entire program

2    ResourcesProvide training and support for Mentors and Peer Mentors

Responsibilities of Peer Mentors

Provide support, assistance, sharing and advice to new students for their better adaptation to college life;

Provide assistance and support to the mentor in carrying out the MCP;

Under the mentor’s guidance, organize group activities for their members for relationship building.

Responsibilities of Mentors

See their mentees individually for at least once per semester.

Meet the MCP group at least once per semester

Keep in touch with the peer mentors on matters relating to the mentees and his/her MCP group.

Give guidance, and attend the activities of his/her MCP group organized by peer mentors.

Assess the performance of the peer mentors of his/her group and make recommendation to award a certificate to peer mentors.

Report to Division / Programme about the progress of the work of MCP at the end of each semester.

MCPRelationship between Mentor and Mentees

It is a professional relationship in helping tasksEgan2002states that the best working relationship is the important part of the helping process. Patterson1985remarks that relationship is in itself crucial within a process to help people. Good Mentor- mentee relationship is a great platform for students in their interpersonal and emotion learning. Egan recognizes the values define through the helping process is critical. Thus the Mentor’s values influences the Mentees’ values. A Trusting relationship has 3 basic attitudes: 1congruence,2unconditional positive regard,(3empathic understandingCorey,1996


The more the therapist is himself or herself in the relationship, putting up no professional front or personal facade, the greater is the likelihood that the client will change and grow in a constructive manner.

Unconditional positive regard

creating a climate for change is acceptance, or caring, or prizing.

Empathic understanding

Mentor senses accurately the feelings and personal meanings that the mentee is experiencing and communicates this understanding to the student.