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iSpace is UIC’s official one-stop Learning Management System (LMS) built on the Moodle open source LMS platform. iSpace provides different functionalities to support the delivery of courses:

  • Teaching and Learning Activities:
    • Publication of course-related materials, e.g., handouts in different formats
    • Publication of video and multimedia contents with restricted access, e.g., Panopto
    • Online collaboration tools, e.g., Discussion Forums and Wikis
    • Quick response tools, e.g., Survey
  • Assessment Tasks:
    • Collection of assignments with plagiarism detection, e.g., Turnitin assignment submission
    • Survey and Quiz
    • Voice-recording submission, e.g., PooDLL recorder and Nanogong recorder
  • Course Administration:
    • Attendance taking
    • Grade tracking and reporting
    • Activity tracking

Getting an iSpace course site

For regular courses showing on the teacher’s timetable provided by the Academic Registry (AR):

  • AR automatically synchronizes the course information with the iSpace system
  • Course sites are automatically created on iSpace before the semester commences
  • Students and teachers are populated to the iSpace site automatically every day

No actions are required to apply for the iSpace site.

(Staff only) For any other courses/ programmes/ additional course site requests by administrative/ teaching/ supporting units, please follow the procedures below to request a course site:

  • Go to the iSpace homepage at https://ispace.uic.edu.cn/ .
  • Login with the UIC email ID and password
  • Click “Apply Course” at the top column
  • Fill in the required information
  • Click “Request a course” to complete the application

Result of the application will be available in 3 working days.

iSpace User Guide

Please refer to “User Guide” section to see a list of iSpace operational guides. 
Click here to access the iSpace operational guides.

iSpace Workshops

iSpace is included as a routine topic in Teaching and Learning Workshops Series every Semester. The timetable for current workshops and materials for past workshops are available from the Teaching and Learning Workshop Series iSpace site.
Click here to access the iSpace operational guides.

Moodle Mobile: the Mobile iSpace

Staff and students can now access iSpace through the mobile devices conveniently with the “Moodle Mobile” app. The app provides a set of frequently used functions, e.g., reading handouts, participating in activities etc.

To use iSpace on mobile devices with the Moodle Mobile app:

  • Download “Moodle Mobile” from the App Store (Apple), Google Play (Android) or a trusted party.
  • Please enter the site URL as https://ispace.uic.edu.cn
  • Use your UIC email ID and password to login