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Panopto is adopted in UIC as the campus-wide video platform to support teaching and learning. It is used as the central platform for video content management under different e-learning environments. Panopto supports the production of synchronized multimedia from multiple input sources, e.g., video captured by web cam, computer screen output and auxiliary digital input sources such as visualizer and additional cameras.

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Applications of Panopto in Teaching and Learning

Panopto is commonly used in higher education to support different e-learning pedagogies:

  • Capture of classroom activities
    • Suitable for recording classroom activities, e.g., lectures and tutorials, for students’ review
  • Creation of micro-lectures for flipped classroom applications
    • Suitable for creating pre-class multimedia contents for student preview before paticipation of the classroom activities
  • Creation of supplementary materials for teaching and learning
    • Suitable for creating short videos for assignment briefing and debriefing, revision guidelines before examination, lab classes etc.
  • Facilitation of online student presentations
    • Suitable for organizing student presentations or assignments outside classroom hours

UIC’s Central Support to Panopto

The following resources are available to users who adopt Panopto to support teaching and learning:

Resources Description Examples of Applications
E-Learning Rooms High-definition camera available for recording; Plasma TVs and movable chairs available for collaborative classroom activities.
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  • Conducting collaborative classroom activities for Flipped Classroom pedagogy
  • Recording for classroom activities
  • Creating teaching and learning multimedia content
Panopto Studio Studios are located in LRC. Equipped with High-definition camera, advanced lighting and audio mixers. On-site support is available.
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Equipment Loan Good quality web-cams and audio input devices (e.g., microphone and mixer) are available in a loan pool for staff members.
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Creating teaching and learning multimedia content with basic quality e.g., in the office environment; typically useful to produce simple outputs conveniently and timely e.g., briefing and debriefing for student assessment tasks.
Training and Support Provision of customized training to users (staff and students) upon request.
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Training to staff members and students to install and operate the Panopto software in office and at home; typically useful to staff users who wish to set up their own Panopto at office or at home, or students who need to do online presentations
On-site Support Provision of student helper teams to assist in video recording and to support the use of equipment upon request.
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Recording large-scale teaching and learning activities e.g., workshops and seminars. Note that the quality of video cannot be compared with professional producers. An overhead may be charged depending on the nature of activity and manpower requested.

Using Panopto at UIC

Panopto is integrated with the iSpace system. All iSpace courses are automatically integrated with Panopto so no prior application is needed. If you are using Panopto without a course in iSpace, you can request a course in iSpace subject to approval by ITSC.
Please click here to access the user guides on UIC Panopto.

Copyright and Access Control

Panopto users should not publish contents that violate the copyright laws. The multimedia contents in Panopto will only be disseminated through streaming technology. By default, downloading the whole video file will not be supported by the default settings unless explicitly requested by the content owner.

The content owner also has the authority to limit the access of contents to specific groups of users only, e.g., only students enrolled in a certain course.

Archive of Panopto video clips

Please click here to Archive of Panopto video clips.

Please click here to Panopto user video recorded details on teaching units.

Please contact the e-Learning team if support is needed for using Panopto.