20 July 2006, we again had a visit from Hong Kong SKH Chan Yong School. It is a secondary school bearing the school motto, "Forward and Upward," which means going forward for a greater improvement upon their last attempt, and looking upward to see the light yonder. The students will make their best effort both in work and in study.

As the first full-scale collaboration between a mainland and a Hong Kong academic institution, UIC is new to most people hereabouts. Through this visit, the Hong Kong visitors got a valuable opportunity to know something about UIC. "I really appreciate your educational philosophy. We hoped that UIC could arrange a summer program specially designed for Hong Kong students, providing them an access to understanding the culture of their motherland," said President of SKH Chan Yong Secondary School.

Besides the meeting, the campus environment also impressed the visitors very much. They felt that it would be a great pleasure to collaborate with UIC in the days to come and send their students here to study in UIC.