Many departments of UIC have announced updated arrangements in the coming semester due to the continuing outbreak of the novel coronavirus.


President and College Office (as of 3 February): Starting from 17 February, classes will be conducted online, where staff and students will be able to use Panopto software to facilitate online teaching. Online teaching will continue until the situation is clear and on-campus classes will be resumed in accordance with the Government instruction.

Academic Registry (as of 5 February): New arrangements on the exercise of Online Course Add/Drop for Semester 2 of 2019-20 and the Inter-Programme Transfer Exercise 2020 were made known via the AR website. 

Learning Resource Centre (as of 6 February): To support the teaching and learning of UIC students and staff during this special period, LRC provides online services to better serve the academic activities

Admission Office (as of 7 February): For students from Mainland China who wish to enter UIC and for their parents, AO offers services for online plus on-call one-on-one inquiries

International Development Office (as of 5 February): IDO announced that the deadline for 2020 Overseas Summer Programmes online application will remain as 16 February, while the deadline for submission of application forms with supporting materials will be postponed until further notice.

Student Affairs Office (as of 3 February): Psychological counselling services are currently provided for students by the Personal Growth and Counselling Centre.