The severe novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has caused a situation of uncertainties. Taking the safety of all the students and staff as the highest priority, UIC has decided that the start date of the second semester will be 17 February 2020.

It has been also decided to extend the semester to ensure the total number of teaching week to be remained as 14, with one more week (10-14 February) to be added for a test run of the online teaching.

During the first few weeks, classes will be conducted online, where staff and students will be able to use platforms such as Panopto to facilitate online teaching.

Online teaching will continue until the situation is clear and on-campus classes will be resumed in accordance with the Government instruction.

The Academic Calendar for the second semester of 2019-20 will be revised and released soon after. During this special period, UIC will continue to closely monitor the situation, and make further adjustments if necessary.

UIC would like to advise students and staff to maintain a good standard of personal and domestic hygiene as well as to stay positive. It is essential for everyone to frequently wash their hands, open the window for ventilation, stop any gathering, reduce outdoor activities and wear masks.

Psychological counselling services are currently provided by the Personal Growth and Counselling Centre of the Student Affairs Office.