On May 12, 2006, we received a visit from Hong Kong, of 17 teachers from several high schools there. We first showed them around our campus to give them an overview of the environment and teaching facilities. The teachers praised the college for its beautiful surroundings, its large area and adequate living facilities. Then Prof. Paul Hockings gave a brief introduction to UIC. After that, the teachers from Hong Kong also asked many questions that they were concerned about, such as our teaching approaches, the admission requirements at UIC and the tuition fees. Dr. Ricky Hou and Prof. Christian Aspalter answered those questions carefully and welcomed them to visit UIC again in the near future.

In the afternoon, the Hong Kong visitors also paid a visit to Meixi Pailous. This whole visit was designed by UIC as a “Cultural Tour” for Hong Kong high school teachers, aiming to enhance a better understanding of UIC and the history of Zhuhai.

This visit helped the Hong Kong teachers to know UIC better, and they indicated that they might wish to visit UIC again.