On May 20, 2006, we received 28 students from Jinan University, whose parents are members of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions.

We first showed them around our campus to give them an overview of the environment and teaching facilities. The students praised the college for its beautiful surroundings, its large area and adequate living facilities. Then Dr Ricky Hou gave them a brief introduction to UIC. After that, the students also asked many questions that they were interested in, such as about the admission requirements at UIC, the tuition fees and credit. Dr. Ricky HOU answered those questions carefully. After that, the students from Ji Nan University had an exchange with UIC students concerning campus life and cultural differences.

This visit helped the Hong Kong students know UIC and UIC students better. They were also impressed by UIC as the first full-scale collaboration between a mainland and a Hong Kong academic institution.