On 5 December, UIC hosted its first Hall High Table Dinner on the new UIC campus. The dinner was held in honour of the students involved in the leadership of the eight halls. The event was hosted by Student Affairs Office and co-hosted by Four-Point Education Coordination Office.

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After the attending Hall Wardens and student Hall Officers were seated, the event began with a speech delivered by President of UIC, Prof Ng Ching-Fai. He started by recognising and praising the Hall Wardens and Hall Officers for their hard work, especially their efforts, which encouraged students to grow socially, culturally and emotionally. He also encouraged students to work on strengthening their interpersonal skills, and learn to manage their time, promote teamwork as well as improving their problem-solving ability.

The night continued with a speech from Vice President, Prof Zee Sze Yong. He emphasized the importance of being curious and passionate towards knowledge, and encouraged sharing knowledge with others. After the speeches, a Year One Finance student, Dong Yixuan, spoke and restated the importance of carrying forward each hall’s own hall culture and organizing a variety of inner-hall activities.

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After the question and answer session, each hall’s chosen student representative lined up to receive certificates recognizing the efforts of the Hall Officers to better UIC in the new journey. Each Warden then received a commemorative plaque for their continued support for the students. After the awards were completed, the dinner began. The night ended with a toast by the honoured guests.

Reporter: Yin Lanjing (Year 2, IJ)
Photographer: Ivy Liao, Liang Jianhao (Year 2, IJ)
Editors: Samantha Burns, Samuel Burgess