As part of the New Campus Inauguration Celebration, the Media and Public Relations Office (MPRO) has organised an exhibition titled “Coming to Be UIC”. It opened on 8 December and is located in the lobby of the 2nd floor of the Administration building. The exhibition is open to all and will be a longstanding exhibition at UIC.


A timeline of the new campus

There are many different activities and displays to see at this exhibition. The theme of the exhibition is showcasing how UIC has come to be what it is today, from its humble beginnings. On the walls, there are displays describing the many facets of history of UIC, written in Chinese and English, and including photos. Titles of the write ups include ‘Joining Hands’, ‘The Pathfinder’, ‘Born Diverse’, ‘Standing Out’, ‘Rapid Development’, ‘Journey to Liberal Arts’, and ‘New Adventure’, which talk about UIC’s journey to present day.


UIC President Prof Ng Ching-Fai visits the exhibition for a trip down memory lane

Also on display is an interactive media station which provides a touch screen timeline of UIC, as well as an interactive quiz to test how well one studied the displays. There are many artefacts of UIC on display, highlighting the history of UIC. These include the first ever customised UIC activity t-shirt from 2006, puppets from the Shadow puppetry Whole Person Education Experiential Arts courses as well as a bow and an arrow from the Shedao (Chinese archery) course.

A visitor tries out the virtual reality tour of UIC's new campus

UIC artefacts are on display

There is also a large photo printing machine where attendees can print a photo from their phone, which can be stuck to the adjacent ‘I love UIC’ wall. This attracted many visitors who quickly had their favourite photo printed and stuck on the wall, with all photos together making the shape of a heart.


Many visitors enjoying the exhibition

In addition, there are monitors showing several videos that MPRO had created, including promotional, informative and fun themes. The activity that attracted many visitors so far is the Virtual Reality (VR) set-up, where visitors can put on the VR glasses and engage with a 3D map of the new UIC campus at Jintong road. The virtual reality environments let visitors explore different parts of the new campus from the dormitories to the stage of the new UIC hall as well as seeing a bird’s eye view of the Jintong campus. This exhibition is becoming a must see at the new campus and does a great job of explaining the history of UIC in depth.

Reporter: Samuel Burgess
Photographer: Ivy Liao
Editors: Deen He, Samantha Burns
(from MPRO)