On 13 December, the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences (DHSS) High Table Dinner was held in T1-101. Approximately 200 staff and students attended this dinner.

After everyone was seated, the dinner began with a speech given by a Consultant for Hong Kong Golden Guides, Prof Alex Y. H. Kwan, who is also a member of DHSS Advisory Committee. The title of his speech was ‘The Meaning of Life’.

20171213 T1 101 DHSS 5

20171213 T1 101 DHSS 1

20171213 T1 101 DHSS 13

After the keynote speech, there were several musical performances. Deng Kehui, an IJ student, played violin for the audience. Afterwards, student Ye Zijin played a beautiful piano piece. Both performances got tremendous rounds of applause.

20171213 T1 101 DHSS 14

20171213 T1 101 DHSS4

20171213 T1 101 DHSS 10

20171213 T1 101 DHSS 12

Once the speeches and performances were finished, students and teachers enjoyed a delicious meal together. There was a toast led by Dean of DHSS, Prof Mei-Hwa Sung, to celebrate the new campus inauguration.

This was the first high table dinner for Year One students from DHSS held on the new campus, who were all excited to dress up in their formal wear for the occasion. Once the dinner was over, many teachers and students lingered around to talk and take group photos, not ready for the occasion to end. It was a lovely night enjoyed by all.

Reporter: Li Dandan (Y1, IJ)
Photographer: Liang Jianhao (Y2, IJ)
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Samantha Burns (MPRO)