The Culture, Creativity and Management (CCM) students explored ‘Duality’ at the annual CCM Exhibition from 9 to 13 April, held at the Cultural Creativity Clusters. They planned and executed the entire exhibition and used their creative and managerial skills to bring teachers and students back to the past, look forward to the future, and experience the impact of optical art.


Duality is a concept of multiple latitudes. On the whole, it describes a dual quality or condition, which is consistent with the spirit of culture, creativity and management. The exhibition demonstrated the work and learning outcomes of CCM students in this school year, including posters, models, reports, promotional videos, and exhibition planning.



Associate Vice President and Acting Dean of the Division of Culture and Creativity (DCC), Prof Lillian Kwan, gave the welcoming address at the opening ceremony. She commended staff and students on their joint efforts, and reflected on how this was a great hands-on learning opportunity for the CCM students who had organized the exhibition. She elaborated that CCM students are learning important skills in management, from business management to event management and beyond. This was followed by the exciting announcement that DCC will be launching a minor programme in ‘Hospitality and Event Management’ next year.



Prof Kwan said that the theme of this year's exhibition has made her proud. "This year's annual exhibition has also fully allowed me to feel the uniqueness of duality, the perfect combination of culture, creativity and management, and presented the excellent works of the students."

Year 3 CCM student, Ren Wei, was one of the leaders in planning the exhibition. She and four other students prepared for more than a month to get the exhibition ready. She said: "At CCM, we can learn about arts, design, management, conventions and exhibitions, and diversified development. This year's exhibition is a good opportunity for practice. From planning to purchasing and implementation, we got to exercise the skills we learn in the classroom in a real event."

Reporter: Samantha Burns
Photographers: Ivy Liao (MPRO), Ren Wei (Y3 CCM)
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
(from MPRO)