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On 24 June, President of Saint Mary’s University (SMU), Dr Robert Summerby-Murray and SMU’s Vice President of Advancement, Erin Sargeant Greenwood, visited UIC coming from Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada. They met with the Director of the International Development Office (IDO), Katharina Yu, to discuss possible future opportunities for partnerships and collaborations between the universities. UIC and SMU began a partnership in 2006, with a formal renewal in 2013. SMU is one of UIC’s two partner schools in Canada, the other being the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus located in Calgary, Alberta.

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To date, SMU has sent one student to study at UIC, and three UIC students have gone to study at SMU in Canada. UIC has also had one foreign intern from SMU, and this coming year will be receiving their second foreign intern from SMU who will be working in the English Language Centre. SMU is located on the east coast of Canada, sharing a common tradition with Zhuhai of starting out as a small fishing village. Halifax has strong connections with Zhuhai, with Mike Savage, the mayor of Halifax, visiting Zhuhai, along with representatives from SMU, in 2017 and signing a formal friendship agreement with the Mayor of Zhuhai.  

Reporter/Photographer: Samantha Burns
Editor: Deen He
(from MPRO)