At the Fuchong Youth Entrepreneurship Forum on 22 October, students were inspired by the speeches and startup stories from the senior vice president of iFLYTEK Co. Ltd, Dr Du Lan, as well as the CEO of Zhuhai 4DAGE Technology Co. Ltd, Mr Cui Yan, and one of the founders of xCurrency, also an alumnus of UIC, Mr Wang Qian.


They discussed their paths to success and innovative thinking with students and other attendees. The group focused on topics that are widely discussed today such as artificial intelligence and the application of data science.

Drawing inspiration

The forum began with a speech from the Vice President (Academic Affairs) of UIC, Prof Chen Zhi. First, he expressed gratitude to the Zhuhai government for their support, and mentioned that Zhuhai is suitable for small and medium-sizes enterprises. He then encouraged students to boost their sense of technological innovation.

20181022fuchong8 UIC Vice Presidents Prof Chen Zhi (1st from left) and Prof Zhang Cong (1st from right) present souvenirs to guest speakers

Senior vice president of iFLYTEK and one of the forum’s key speakers, Dr Du Lan, mentioned different aspects of the application of artificial intelligence in diverse industries, such as the medical and educational fields. She gave an example of the accomplishments of iFLYTEK, like the accuracy of translation of their input. Also she told the young entrepreneurs to research their innovations as well as encouraging them to be confident and enthusiastic about artificial intelligence.

20181022fuchong11Dr Du Lan explains various aspects of the application of artificial intelligence in diverse industries

Another speaker Dr Cui Yan highlighted the importance of digital applications that have changed the way we view things in our daily lives, including the application for viewing museums and taking photos. He said through this technology, people can view the 3D versions of the photos people take on their phones, as well as being able to view the 3D scenes of museums and cultural relic exhibitions. This can also free workers from the high-risk working environment due to digitalising it. He said their company provides the open-source platform for young entrepreneurs that show an interest in the data science and the visual modelling.

20181022fuchong13Dr Cui Yan highlights the importance of digital applications that have changed the way we view things in our daily lives

UIC graduate Mr Wang Qian shared his original intensions and experience of bringing out the app xCurrency. The fast development of cross-border tourism, e-commerce, the difficulties of foreign currency exchange, and cross-border payment in foreign countries inspired him to create the app.

20181022fuchong100Mr Wang Qian shares his experience of bringing out the app xCurrency

The forum not only attracted UIC staff and students, but also attracted students from other universities such as Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai (BNUZ) and Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai (BITZ) among other universities, in addition to young entrepreneurs.


After this activity, a student with the aim to be self-employed said that “Through this exchange exhibition, I now know something about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial direction, which can help a lot in my future work”.

20181022fuchong1UIC students win Gold Award in the final of a business planning competition held before the Forum

Festival for young entrepreneurs

In order to promote entrepreneurial projects, exchange entrepreneurial experiences with each other, and motivate young entrepreneurs, nearly 30 projects from UIC and nine from elsewhere participated in an exchange before the Forum.

Each booth had a corresponding staff member to introduce their own projects. The 4D museum used four-dimensional technology to truly restore the scene of each exhibition to give people a sense of immersion, which attracted huge interest.



20181022fuchong28UIC students visit local companies

Reporters: Yin Lanjing (IJ, Y3), Deng Bowen (JC, Y1)
Photographers: Liang Jianhao (IJ, Y4), Sun Jiaqi (CTV, Y2), Ivy Liao (some photos provided by FPECO)
Video: Lowry Qu
Editors: Deen He, Samuel Burgess, Étienne Fermie
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