The Division of Humanities and Social Sciences (DHSS) invited Professor Emeritus of Kennesaw State University, Dr Tak Cheung Chan, to give a guest lecture on ‘Conducting Research on English Language Teaching and Learning’ on 8 November.

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Dr Tak Cheung Chan

Dr Chan has written several different publications and has previously worked in the Hong Kong School System before advancing his career in the US.

He explained his research on English Language Teaching and Learning, going into details of how different variables can affect data collecting research.

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Dr Chan's enthusiasm for educational research

He then discussed how anyone can create solutions and ideas for certain situations. “These are innovative ideas, but does it work?” He went on to elaborate on this concept by explaining the differences between what is and is not research. To establish credibility and proof of students’ work, he encouraged them to “Do the research to prove it works”.

This concept takes more than just reading literature reviews and expressing ideas. He explained how data collection is to conduct a research project, analyse the data, and then report the results.

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The attentive students taking notes

He then furthered the discussion of education and teaching styles by addressing a popular topic - online schooling. His argument against online schooling centred on his belief that education needs to involve actual human beings, and personal relationships.


Reporter/Photographer: Marissa Furney
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Étienne Fermie
(from MPRO)