The Division of Culture and Creativity (DCC) Music Programme held a music recital, featuring the Romer String Quartet in the Performance Theatre on 15 November. This concert was presented as part of the Visiting Artist Series from the Music Programme in DCC.

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The Romer String Quartet

The Romer String Quartet, named after a native Romer Tree frog in Hong Kong, consists of Dr Kitty Cheung on 1st Violin, Ms Kiann Chow on 2nd Violin, Mr Ringo Chan on Viola, and Mr Eric Yip on Cello. During the performance of In Memoriam by composer Janet Jennings, baritone guest singer, Alan Tsang, joined the quartet on stage.

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Baritone guest singer Alan Tsang

Dr Kitty Cheung is an adjunct lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) and introduced the Romer String Quartet along with the musical pieces they would play.

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The Dean of DCC, Dr Brian Clarke, commented on this event, elaborating on the enhanced features of the concert hall: “The concert was also an opportunity to test the effectiveness of the newly installed sound baffles in the theatre.” He continued by describing how the acoustic design in the theatre has been “dramatically improved” and how the baffles worked well in projecting the sound to the audience. Dr Clarke also mentioned how the quartet musicians were “enthusiastic about the changes to the acoustics from the players' perspective.”

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 The Romer String Quartet pose for a group photo with DCC faculty

Reporter: Marissa Furney
Photographers: Liao Qiuxian, Feng Yingying, Yang Yumeng
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Étienne Fermie
(from MPRO)