The International Development Office (IDO) held an event called “Go Global” on 28 November. This event featured foreign interns and students who studied at partnering universities.

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Director of IDO Dr Katharina Yu welcomes the students

“Go Global” was to encourage students to study abroad by introducing them to some of the colleges and universities that UIC is currently collaborating with on exchange programmes.

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Students inquiring more information

The first speaker was Ms Rowan McCaffery, who previously studied at UIC and is now a foreign intern in the International Journalism (IJ) department. She talked about her university in Wales, Swansea University, and elaborated on features about the school that students would find beneficial. She even described how part of the campus is directly on the beach, which can be exciting for students. Year 4 TESL student Ming Cheng studied abroad at Swansea University and described his experience in the UK.

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Ms Rowan McCaffery talks about Swansea University in Wales

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Ming Cheng on his experience in Swansea University

The second speaker was Year 4 Accounting student Liang Mengyuan who spoke about Concordia University, US. She talked about the different events that the university organised as well as events in the surrounding area in the State of Minnesota. She ended her presentation with helpful tips for students.

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Liang Mengyuan talking about Concordia University

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The third speaker was Year 4 Applied Economics student Zhang Yi, who studied abroad at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan. She talked the university student life in Japan, and explained that studying abroad in different countries creates the opportunity to study a new language. She described about how she was able to study Japanese.

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Zhang Yi enjoys her time in Japan

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The fourth speaker was Academy of Continuing Education (ACE) Foreign Intern Mr Mohamad Hamdan who spoke about the University of Westminster. He mentioned the different locations of the campuses, and about how the campus he studied at is on the busiest street in London, and possibly all of Europe. He highlighted the sights in London students would see.

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Mr Mohamad Hamdan

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The fifth speaker was Year 4 Finance student Ma Jianqing, who studied at Pforzheim University in Germany. She first talked about the different industries that are based in Germany, such as the BMW Museum in Munich. She continued to discuss the culture, specifically the food, and ended with “Don’t be fearful of doing what you want. Don’t think too hard about [going abroad]”.

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Ma Jianqing explaining about her time in Europe

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The last speaker was Vincent Plancher, a current exchange student from Lille Catholic University, France. He talked about some of the scenery students could explore in France and discussed how they could travel to other cities. He mentioned what students should expect when going to Lille Catholic University, but also what the university expects from its students.

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Vincent Plancher encouraging students to study in France

Reporter/Photographer: Marissa Furney
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Étienne Fermie
(from MPRO)