The Chinese Language and Culture Centre (CLC) held their fall semester talent show on 12 December. Each Chinese class from the CLC provided a presentation or a short performance, with games played in between.

2018 12 12 467

 CLC staff, students and foreign interns

CLC Instructor Ms Michelle Wang was the MC for this event. She began the talent show by having everyone in the audience introduce themselves in Chinese.

After the introductions, the students and interns all participated in a game of charades. They took turns reading the Chinese characters and pinyin followed by demonstrating what it was for their partner to guess.

The Intermediate Chinese I class presenting about their favourite TV show in Chinese, with ELC Foreign Intern Tyler Austin going for Pokémon. After that, the Learn Chinese & Travel in China I class did a ‘three and a half’ sentences presentation, where the interns would each say a sentence in Chinese.

2018 12 12 77

Tyler Austin describing Pokemon in Chinese

2018 12 12 89

'Three and a half sentences': each student takes a turn to say a sentence

The Intermediate Chinese II class played their excellent music video, in which they lip synced to a popular Chinese song and used UIC’s own campus as the setting.

The Chinese Characters I class did a brief PowerPoint presentation on the different Chinese characters they learned in class. They explained the stroke order, various Chinese radicals, and different characters that have similar radicals and meanings. They even explained some Chinese legends and explained the stories to the audience.

2018 12 12 110

2018 12 12 117

2018 12 12 129

2018 12 12 131

2018 12 12 138

The Chinese Character class explaining stroke order, radicals, meanings, and stories

Next, two students from each class went head to head in a competition involving balancing a ping pong ball on a paddle and racing each other to the other side of the room.

2018 12 12 181

2018 12 12 250

Students compete in various activities

Then the Elementary Chinese I class performed a short skit involving two foreigners arriving to China for the first time and discovering the cultural differences. This was followed by the Elementary Chinese II class re-creating the scene from the Disney movie Mulan in which Mulan meets the matchmaker.

2018 12 12 273

2018 12 12 285

Elementary Chinese I class with their short skit on cultural differences from America and China

2018 12 12 309

2018 12 12 347

Mulan meets the matchmaker scene

2018 12 12 384

Christy Tran sings 'Reflection' from Mulan

The last competition required two participants from the Elementary and Intermediate level classes to match the vocabulary words with what they hear from Ms Wang.

2018 12 12 423

ELC foreign interns Patricia and Nick compete

The ending performance was from the Practical Chinese class singing Jingle Bells in English, Spanish, and Chinese, before wishing the audience a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

2018 12 12 447

Practical Chinese class singing Jingle Bells

2018 12 12 498

(From left) CLC staff: Ms Candice Cai, Dr Jenny Cui, Ms Michelle Wang, and Ms Angela Liu


Reporter: Marissa Furney
Photographer: Samuel Burgess
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Étienne Fermie
(from MPRO)