A team that consists of mostly UIC students worked on an innovated project that was titled ‘Mobile Body 3D Reconstruction for Scoliosis Patients’. This project was awarded a grant of 100,000 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) by the 2018 Cyberport Guangdong-Hong Kong Young Entrepreneur Programme (GD-HK YEP).

According to Yang Jiayu (UIC's 2018 CST graduate), who was responsible for research and development in the team, the project was aimed at helping young scoliosis patients by building braces through 3D printing, based on the spinal data captured by the camera on a mobile phone.


A mimic diagram

Including Yang Jiayu, UIC members in the team of the project are Sun Liping (Year 3 Marketing), Han Xiaohe (Year 3 Accounting), Chen Junting (Year 2 Entrepreneurship and Innovation), Li Linyu (Year 4 Accounting), and their advisors DST Associate Professor and Director of Innovation Centre, Dr Amy Zhang, as well as Acting Programme Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Dr Shawn Tang.


(From Left) Dr Amy Zhang, Li Linyu, Sun Liping, Yang Jiayu, Han Xiaohe, Dr Shawn Tang and Chen Junting

The other four members of the team are from the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong.

Dr Amy Zhang said that the collaboration between DST and DBM was credited with making this project possible for entrepreneurship, during which students’ creativity and hands-on ability were demonstrated.

Dr Shawn Tang added that the key point was how to promote it to patients. At present, the students would conduct market research, error debugging, several real cases, and collect customer feedback.

This entrepreneur programme is designed as a platform to integrate young talents from Guangdong and Hong Kong. The project will be put into practice within 6 months.


The project also wins a Best Programme Poster Award at UIC's Sixth Undergraduate Science and Technology Poster Presentation held in 2018

Reporter: Aria Wu
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Marissa Furney
(from MPRO)