UIC President Tang Tao visited Chengdu in Sichuan province on 19 March. The purpose of his visit was to meet with students, their parents and UIC alumni, in addition to giving lectures at two middle high schools as a mathematician.


President Tang with students in Chengdu Shude High School

President Tang arrived at Chengdu Shude High School where over 200 science students listen to him tell the story of circular constant as well as explaining modern mathematics, he was so popular that even a local student asked him for his autograph after the lecture.


President Tang giving a lecture at Chengdu Shude High School


President Tang at the lecture

Xiang Xiaojing, a student at the school, said that President Tang’s lecture gave her a strong insight into mathematics.


A student raising a question


President Tang's autograph

The next part of the visit was to Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School where President Tang Tao was also warmly welcomed.

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The lecture at Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School

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President Tang also awarded Chengdu Shude High School a plaque of “Outstanding Student Base”. This school is very significant as it is where UIC enrolled most of its students from Sichuan Province during 2018. UIC has a desire to work with the school to construct a better platform for selecting, delivering and co-cultivating outstanding students.


President Tang awarding Chengdu Shude High School a plaque


Director of Admission Office (AO) Mary Lin introducing the education at UIC

Any doubts the parents from Sichuan had were soon dispelled during their meeting with President Tang. President Tang also introduced UIC’s development priorities, including academic researches and international cooperation, mentioning that UIC would work hard to provide more excellent opportunities for students.


President Tang at the meeting with parents


President Tang communicating with parents



Parents at the meeting


Assistant Director of Four Point Education Coordination Office (FPECO) introducing students' growth at UIC

Six alumni also came to meet with President Tang that day, who are now employed since their graduation from UIC. President Tang was strongly supportive when they expressed their wish to further their studies, and said he was ready to help.


President Tang with alumni

Reporter: Aria Wu
Photographer: Ivy Liao
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Marissa Furney
(from MPRO)