The Appreciation Ceremony for Club Advisors was successfully held on UIC campus by the Whole Person Education Student Interest Clubs Management Committee (WPE-ICMC) on 20 March. ICMC provided this opportunity for the students in the Whole Person Interest Clubs to express their gratitude and show respect to their advisors.


Group photo

At the beginning of the ceremony, Associate Vice President of UIC Prof George Wei welcomed everyone and provided a humorous opening speech. Prof Wei expressed his appreciation for the development of UIC interest clubs affirming the contribution of the student interest clubs to the development of campus culture and students’ growth. Prof Wei said "I never thought that there would be an Appreciation Ceremony for Club Advisors; I came to the right place."


Prof Wei appreciates the development of UIC interest clubs

Then, the Chairman of WPE Interest Club Management Committee, Ms Irin Chen, introduced the intention of this event. She said “I hope that through such an event, students in the interest clubs can express their gratitude to the teachers who have been continuously giving them love and support.”


Ms Chen introduces the development of student interest clubs

Ms Chen then introduced the structure of WPE-ICMC and the development of Whole Person Education interest clubs. She also reviewed some tremendous achievements and significant activities achieved by some interest clubs.

During the activity, the students from different interest clubs presented colourful and creative performances.



Perfomances took place at the ceremony

The most exciting moment was the Award Ceremony where student representatives presented souvenirs to their advisors.



Student representatives presenting souvenirs to their advisors

At the end of the ceremony, the Director of the Whole Person Education Office (WPEO) Prof Guo Haipeng, gave a speech, in which he praised the advisors for their selfless efforts for the interest clubs and their students, recognising the important role of ICMC on campus, and finally gave high hopes for the future development of the UIC interest clubs.


Prof Guo Haipeng praises the advisors for their selfless efforts for the interest clubs

"Student interest clubs are an important part of campus culture. They are important carriers for cultivating students' self-organisation, self-management, and strengthening service awareness. This appreciation ceremony enhances the cohesiveness between teachers and students and benefits the further development of the interest clubs. We will try our best to cultivate our students," said Han Ying, an advisor for several interest clubs.

Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Marissa Furney (MPRO)
(from WPEO)