The Division of Culture and Creativity (DCC) held a music concert titled 'Time Travel: East to West' on 21 March. Prof Patrick Yim and Ms Jacqueline Leung were the two distinguished performers for the concert.

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Prof Patrick Kim and Ms Jacqueline Leung

Prof Patrick Yim is a Guest Music Director of the Collegium Musicum Hong Kong and is well known orchestral violinist that has performed across the world. Joining Prof Yim was Hong Kong born pianist and UIC DCC senior lecturer Ms Jacqueline Leung is a laureate of the Antena 2 prize, awarded by the National Classical Music Radio Station in Portugal. She has performed in festivals and concerts all over the world and worked with many distinguished musicians such as Robert Aitken, Tracy Lee, Lestyn Davies and Jasmine Choi.

The concept of time travel reflects the different time periods of the works they were presenting, spanning from sonatas by Johannes Brahms of the romantic period to Chen Yi, Yao Chen and Austin Yip, three contemporary Chinese composers.


The evening's programme began with a delightful Fisherman’s song, for both violin and piano, followed by three songs for solo violin. The second half features Brahms’s music works, which are sonata for violin and piano. Combined with the previous Eastern and Western music style, the concert was reflected as an artistic experience through time.

Year 4 Public Relations and Advertising (PRA) student Hu expressed her love for music. During her preparation for the IELTS, attending the concert offered her an opportunity to relax.

Reporter: Zheng Jingwen
Photographer: Liang Xiaolan
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Marissa Furney
(from MPRO)