On a joyful night to celebrate the college’s annual party on 27 March, UIC presented the President's Award for Teaching and Service to three teachers and the Long Service Award to 38 dedicated staff members.


(From left) awardees of President's Award for Teaching and Service Dr Jiang Wei, Ms Wang Jue and Dr Deng Yuhui with President Tang Tao


UIC's senior management with the Long Service Award recipients

The President's Award for Teaching and Service during the 2017/18 academic year was given to Lecturer of the Division of Business and Management, Ms Wang Jue; Assistant Dean as well as Assistant Professor of the Division of Culture and Creativity, Dr Jiang Wei; and Associate Professor of the Division of Science and Technology, Dr Deng Yuhui.


 Ms Wang Jue giving a speech on receiving President's Award for Teaching and Service


 Dr Jiang Wei says he will continue his dedication to education


Dr Deng Yuhui thanks his colleagues' support

UIC President Prof Tang Tao handed this award to the proud trio, in addition to recognising 38 staff members who have completed 10 years of service at UIC as of this year.


President Tang Tao addressing the audience

“UIC has become the place that attracts high-quality people from different parts of the world,” Prof Tang said.

“To the outside world, UIC represents one big idea: ‘excellence’, with each one of us doing our very best. Here at UIC, we never stop looking for ways to give our students the best education they deserve.”

Representative of the Long Service Award, Dr Edoardo Monaco, who is Programme Director of Government and International Relations, delivered an acceptance speech. He said, “to be successful and long-lasting, any relationship - be it professional or personal - has to be grounded, first and foremost, in common goals and common values.”


Dr Edoardo Monaco says he shares the common goals with UIC

“UIC provided me not only with a platform from which to explore and observe the Chinese development context,” Dr Monaco added, “but also with the opportunity to be an active agent of that very process of change: UIC, in fact, does build the very future leadership of this country, and in general embodies the ambitions and aspirations for sustained progress of the ‘Greater Bay Area’ in which we operate, and of China as a whole.”

Highlight of the night also featured musical performances by staff members and lucky draws that ignited the atmosphere amongst the full house of participants. 








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Performances by staff members

Reporter: Deen He
Photographers: Ivy Liao, Aria Wu
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Marissa Furney
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