‘Silk Road to Belt Road: Reinventing the Past and Shaping the Future’ is a recently published book by Springer that was edited by Associate Professor of UIC’s General Education Office (GEO) Dr Nazrul Islam. This book is a collection of papers that were presented in the 2nd Interdisciplinary Forum on ‘Belt-Road Connectivity and Eurasian Integration: Meeting the Culture’, which was held at UIC in March 2018. The papers were authored by scholars from universities in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and so on.


Belt and Road Initiative’s geo-economic vision and geo-political ambition of the current Chinese leadership are obviously venues for cultural interaction and exchange. This book approaches China’s Belt and Road Initiative as a process of culturalization which started from the journey of the Silk Road and continued over the millennium. Belt and Road Initiative in mainstream literature has been perceived as to the vision of the current Chinese leadership in shaping the future of the world.


 (From left) GEO Director Prof Mildred Yang, UIC past Associate Vice President Prof Lilian Kwan, Dr Nazul Islam, and current Associate Vice President Prof George Wei unveil the book

According to Dr Islam, Editor of the book, the book explores the journey from Silk Road to Belt Road through analysing the topics ranging from history to religion, language to culture, and environment to health. “Scholars, academics, researchers, and undergraduate to graduate students from Humanity, Social Sciences, and Business will find an alternative thought in looking Belt and Road Initiative from this volume,” he said.

(from MPRO)