The Institute for Big Data Analytics and Applications (IBDAA) held a lecture series on 11 April, featuring experts in different fields shared their research.

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General Education Office (GEO) Professor Sookja Chung gives a welcoming speech

The first speaker was Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Hong Kong, Dr Jason Wong. He studied bioinformatics from the University of Sydney and then completed his doctorate in Bioanalytical Chemistry at the University of Oxford, UK. Currently, Dr Wong leads the Cancer Genomics and Bioinformatics group and his research is focused on the study of cancer mutational processes and their effects on gene regulation and function.

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Dr Wong speaks of ‘Mining Cancer Big Data: from driver mutations to basic cellular mechanisms’

Dr Wong’s topic was titled ‘Mining Cancer Big Data: from driver mutations to basic cellular mechanisms’. He explained that sequencing cancer genomes enabled further research in the mutations that cause cancer, which in turn, advances the field of medicine. He believes that it has become evident that the data involving cancer genomics contains further information about the fundamental cellular processes. During his presentation, Dr Wong pointed out some of the most important discoveries that have been made through computational cancer genomics by highlighting some recent research from his group.

The second speaker was DST associate professor at UIC, Dr Raymond Lee. Dr Lee had previously worked in the Department of Computing of Hong Kong Polytechnic University and as the Group CTO/Chief Analyst from 2012-2017 to commercialize his patented AI-Fintech invention - Quantum Finance Forecast System on major commodities in China. Dr Lee joined UIC to further his R&D on Quantum Finance and contribute his knowledge on AI-Fintech to the fellow students in China.

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Dr Lee speaking about financial markets

Dr Lee’s topic was called ‘Quantum Finance Forecast System - A New Era of AI-Fintech on Financial Big Data Engineering’. He spoke about the the rise of internet finance and the several financial markets that have fluctuated more than what people have experienced before. Dr Lee believes an effective and dependable financial prediction and trading system is required. He continued by explaining how important Quantum Finance and its advancing technology and theories are to the community.

The final speaker was Associate Professor at Department of Computer Science at the National University of Singapore, Dr He Bingsheng. His current research interests include cloud computing, database systems and high performance computing.

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Dr He explaining some key techniques

Dr He’s topic was titled ‘ThunderML: Machine Learning Systems on Heterogeneous Architectures’. He discussed how the success of machine learning is due to more functional algorithms, efficient systems and implementations. Dr He presented the background knowledge of the two machine learning systems under ThunderML: ThunderSVM and ThunderGBM. He also included the key techniques and the experimental results.

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The audience members asking questions at the end of the lecture

Reporter/Photographer: Marissa Furney
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
(from MPRO)