Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) from the US visited UIC on 21 May to discuss further international exchange programmes that would benefit both universities.

The distinguished visitors were VCU Dean of the School of Education Dr Andrew Daire; Chair of Department of Counseling and Special Education Dr Donna Gibson; Professor in Special Education Dr Xu Yaoying; and Recruitment Specialist Dr Jenna Lenhardt.

IMG 0344

(From left) Dr Xu Yaoying, Dr Jenna Lenhardt, Dr Andrew Daire, and Dr Donna Gibson

Welcoming the VCU delegation were Vice President (Academic Affairs) Prof Chen Zhi; Associate Vice President Prof George Wei; Dean of Division of Science and Technology (DST) Prof Stephen Chung; Programme Director of Social Work and Social Administration (SWSA) Dr Kam Tong Chan; Director of the International Development Office (IDO) Dr Katharina Yu; Assistant Director of IDO Ms Mei Li; and Acting Director of the Academy of Continuing Education (ACE) Ms Isabella Li.

IMG 0314

(From left) Prof Chen Zhi, Prof George Wei, and Prof Stephen Chung

IMG 0325

(Far left) Dr Kam Tong Chan, VCU distinguished visitors, and (far right) Ms Isabella Li

After sharing everyone’s educational backgrounds and professional careers, they began to exchange information about both universities. Prof Chen mentioned how UIC’s success stems from the fact that English is the medium of instruction at UIC and how UIC incorporates an international presence into its education for a more global understanding.

Dr Katharina Yu talked about the internship programme at UIC and Dr Daire called it an “incredible opportunity” for possible VCU students who are interested in getting both international and teaching experience. The representatives excitedly discussed a possible plan of VCU students enrolled in the online TESL courses while interning abroad at UIC.

IMG 0354

Dr Katharina Yu and Ms Mei Li from IDO explain the international foreign intern opportunities

After exchanging several potential ideas and programmes, the representatives from VCU took a tour of UIC. They visited the Learning Resource Centre, Arts Hill, and finally Changsheng canteen, where they were treated to lunch.

IMG 0388

Lunch at Changsheng canteen

Reporter/Photographer: Marissa Furney
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
(from MPRO)