A Hall Day Forum specially organised for Year 4 students was held at UIC on 15 May, where they gathered with President, faculty representatives and wardens.This forum focused on the theme of “What’s your future plan?”



The Hall Day Forum

Guests of the forum were UIC President Professor Tang Tao; Vice President (Students and General Affairs) Professor Zhang Cong; Associate Vice President Professor George Wei; Director of the Whole Person Education Office (WPEO) Professor Guo Haipeng; Chief Student Affairs Officer (SAO) Professor Johnston Wong; Deputy College Librarian Ms Fung Ying Cham; Director of the Media and Public Relations Office (MPRO) Mr Chai Hi-Hing; Associate Director of the Four-Point Education Coordination Office (FPECO) Ms Jennifer Lin; Director of the Estates and Campus Development Office (ECDO) Mr Lawrence Yeung, as well as wardens of Halls and staff representatives from each Division.


Guests at the forum


Attendants singing UIC Anthem at the begining of the forum

Prof Zhang Cong expressed his gratitude to the wardens, students and staff members of Student Affairs Office for their contribution into the development of Hall culture. “Hostel life at the College means more than providing you with accommodation. Indeed, a hostel is our second home away from our home and our second class; here we live, we learn, we explore and we grow. It is an important part of our liberal arts education as well as our experiential learning,” he said.


 Vice President Prof Zhang Cong expresses his gratitude to those who have promoted Hall culture

Being the keynote speaker, President Tang Tao said that gatherings of Year 4 students on campus reminds him of the old days when he was going to graduate from Peking University. “The four years at UIC is a very important period of your whole life, and I hope that the education you received here will help you overcome difficulties in life after graduation.” President Tang talked about his life plan by saying that he wants to be an educator as well as a researcher, and he found UIC to be an ideal place to realise his aspirations.


 President Tang Tao talks about his life plan

Warden of Scientific Education Hall Dr Timothy Wu gave a speech, where he advised students to stay positive and optimistic while striving to reach their goals and achievements as well as to make plans for the future.


 Dr Timothy Wu giving advice to Year 4 students

Year 4 Finance student Tan Dilang from Wisdom Education Hall shared his study experience at the forum. He persisted in pursuing his dream, which resulted in him receiving an offer from Melbourne University in Australia.


 Tan Dilang sharing his study experience at UIC


 Tan Dilang receiving a gift from President Tang Tao on behalf of all Year 4 students

During the Q&A session, any student who was offered the chance to raise a question got a book that was provided by Halls. Year 4 Statistics student Zhao Puyang asked for advice about studying a postgraduate abroad, President Tang said that it’s a big challenge for a newly graduated student to study abroad, and he encouraged these students to communicate with people from different backgrounds.


 President Tang Tao choosing students to raise questions by lucky draw


 Year 4 Statistics student Zhao Puyang asks about plans during postgraduate study abroad


President Tang Tao encouraging students who are going to study abroad take the opportunity to communicate with people from different backgrounds


Students attending the forum receive a letter from President Tang Tao and a souvenir from Halls

President Tang also awarded students who have won the Diamond Prize in Student Leadership Path Programme to recognise their participation in extracurricular activities.



 President Tang Tao with students winning the Diamond Prize in Student Leadership Path Programme




 Students having dinner with their teachers as well as UIC's senior management after the forum


Warden of Moral Education Hall Mr Andy Tam is the host of the event


Reporter/Photographer: Aria Wu
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Marissa Furney
(from MPRO)