Nearly 1,700 new students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and South Korea arrived at UIC despite the blistering heat on a late summer day in August 2019.

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To them, a new liberal arts journey has opened its doors. “Your mission is to discover, develop and actualize your full potential,” said UIC President Tang Tao to the new freshman class while welcoming them, including nine who received the Full Entrance Scholarships during the inauguration ceremonies on 23 August.

20190823 Inauguration 5

Freshmen attend the Inauguration Ceremonies

20190823 Inauguration 1

President Tang Tao encourages the new students to develop their potential

“UIC is renowned for its unique education model of combining the best of the West and the East, along with the Old and the New,” President Tang added. “We hope that our students will be well-disciplined in traditional Chinese Wisdom and masterful in modern natural, social or management sciences.”

20190823 Inauguration 4

President Tang Tao presents nine students with Full Entrance Scholarships

Vice President (Academic Affairs), Prof Chen Zhi, reminisced on his experiences in college while talking to the incoming freshman class. “A shift of mindset from passive learning to an active sense of curiosity, from taking things for granted to taking initiative, and from being indifferent to having an inquisitive mind is and will be a must at this stage of your life.”

20190823 Inauguration 2

Prof Chen Zhi says it is time for the freshmen to change their mindset

“In order to become a good citizen and leaders of this world you need to become comfortable with differences,” said Vice President Prof Zhang Cong before encouraging the new students to “Start here at UIC and make a difference in your life and the life of others starting right now. This place is yours.”

20190823 Inauguration 3

Prof Zhang Cong addresses the students

Business Administration major and student representative Zhao Youran felt honoured to welcome her new classmates with great exuberance. In her first speech to her new classmates, she talked about the different ways some of the students may be feeling but reminded her peers to “Always fill your heart with gratitude and remember those who have helped us.”

20190823 Inauguration 6

Zhao Youran expects an exciting university life

In recent years, the number of students at UIC has been increasing with a high calibre of excellence.

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New students prepare for registration

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Moving into dormitories

Coming from Zhejiang, Li Yijia was admitted to Applied Economics programme with a Full Entrance Scholarship. She said she was ready for strict academic standards and challenges she would face at UIC, hoping for a well-rounded development in the coming four years.

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Financial Mathematics student Liu Chang from Heilongjiang Province eagerly expected the English teaching environment of UIC. She could not wait to learn about her university life and had already been connected with some older students on social media before the Registration Day.

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Thanks to the Mentor Caring Programme, the new students quickly settled themselves with the help and support provided by their peer mentors (older students) and mentors (teachers).

20190823 new students7

Parents were also occupied by attending the Parents Forum and meeting the faculty members, which were part of the practice of Four-Point Education linking the college, the students, the parents and society.

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A full house of parents join the Parents Forum

20190823 new

(From left) Academic Registrar Prof Li Jianhui, Associate Vice President Prof George Wei, Vice President
(Academic Affairs) Prof Chen Zhi, President Tang Tao, Vice President Prof Zhang Cong, Chief Student Affairs
Officer Prof Johnston Wong, and Deputy Registrar Dr Ricky Hou answer questions from the parents

20190822UIC 9

Meeting with the Division of Business and Management

20190822UIC 10

The Division of Science and Technology is introduced to the parents and students

20190822UIC 13

The audience learning about the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

20190822UIC 7

An information session about the Division of Culture and Creativity

On the evening of 22 August, the parents experienced a formal High Table Dinner with UIC’s senior management.

20190822UIC2 11

President Tang Tao addresses the parents at the high table dinner

20190822UIC2 17

Mr Wu Zhisen with his daughter Wu Chongya, a 2019 graduate of UIC's Food Science and Technology Programme were the guest speakers at the dinner

20190822UIC2 8


Reporters: Deen He, Lauren Richardson
Photographers: Ivy Liao, Deen He, Ben Wen, Cheryl Chen, Liang Xiaolan, Yang Hongde
(from MPRO)