The Division of Science and Technology continued their lecture series with Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Southern University of Science and Technology Dr Luo Zongwei, talking about Big Data Analytics for Enabling AI Solutions on 9 October.


Dr Luo Zongwei providing guest lecture

Dr Luo Zongwei focused on three main topics including; The use of industrial applications of RFID codes, the uses of Big Data on improving AI for use with FinTech (Digital currency and banks) and the ethical issues that occur when using Big Data for improving online advertisement.


Staff and students listening 

His first topic talked about the use of RFID (Barcode) technology or tracking objects within warehouses for material industries and how to improve this to increase productivity. Secondly, he discussed the shift in the world market is experiencing because it is shifting to digital currency. Lastly, he talked about what is ethical when collecting data and if gathering and selling the data on people so corporations can generate better models for selling stuff online is okay or not.


Staff and students both attended this lecture

At the end of the lecture, several members of the audience which included UIC students and staff showed admiration towards Dr Luo’s research and commented on how they are excited to see and hear where his research goes.

Reporter/Photographer: Lauren Richardson
Editor: Samuel Burgess
(from MPRO)