Shan Jing graduated from UIC in 2013 with a degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). She pursued her master's and doctoral degree at the University of Edinburgh in the UK. After graduating she established her own education consulting company in the UK.


Shan Jing has tried various jobs related to English teaching, such as being a university lecturer, even a part-time IELTS teacher while running an English learning social media account. She expressed that her enthusiasm for English teaching and her interest in the internationalisation of higher education is largely derived from her learning experience at UIC.

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Shan Jing delivered her speech as a student representative at the UIC Scholarship Presentation Ceremony

During her undergraduate time at UIC, Shan Jing was awarded scholarships consecutively. She felt fortunate to have an opportunity to immerse herself into UIC’s international campus, which provided her with an environment for cross-cultural communication. Since UIC offered her a solid grounding of critical thinking and research skills, she was able to conduct projects independently, which was helpful for her further study.

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Apart from academics, Shan Jing has participated in various voluntary activities of English teaching, using abundant materials and methods to teach students of different ages and backgrounds. Upon graduation, she received a number of offers and decided to further her study in the University of Edinburgh, where she also graduated with excellent results.

After finishing her master's degree, Shan Jing received a job at a college in Hangzhou as a teacher. During this time, she learned about the situation of English education in China.

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Graduation Ceremony at the University of Edinburgh

To explore different modes of English teaching in China, Shan Jing caught every opportunity to teach. When online courses became an emerging market in China, she tried to teach English on an online learning platform. During her break time, she also went to a language institution to work as a part-time IELTS teacher, which became a valuable experience for her. By communicating with the IELTS council and the overseas teachers, Shan Jing gained a comprehensive understanding of English teaching and higher education in China, inspiring her to apply for a PhD programme and continue her studies in a related field.

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Shan Jing is invited to introduce her research project on a BBC radio show.

During her doctoral study at the University of Edinburgh, she set up a WeChat account online for English learning, attracting a number of fans. The long-term research and practise of English teaching also let her realise that learning English is not only to understand a language or the culture but more importantly, to express and deliver Chinese culture to foreigners.

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Shan Jing presents her conference paper at a conference held at the University of Cambridge

Her campus life at the University of Edinburgh was fulfilling. As a student representative at the Moray House School of Education and Sport, she reached out to school management and experts from many industries. Actively involved in various research projects and international activities, Shan Jing was also a supervisor of master's students and offered two courses. In the last academic year, she won two outstanding teacher nominations.

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 Shan Jing and her friends at the University of Edinburgh

In addition, Shan Jing managed to make contributions to cross-cultural communication. She joined the Doctorate Association as the Vice President of the Edinburgh headquarters. The Doctorate Association is a politically independent, not-for-profit organisation, and a global platform for international doctoral students and scholars to integrate and be involved in the local community. Shan Jing is an active member of the Association, often engaging herself in international conferences as an MC or an interpreter.

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Shan Jing hosts at a conference of the Doctorate Association

At the beginning of this year, Shan Jing created an education consulting company to provide services related to international education.

Recalling her past, Shan Jing expressed that pursuing a PhD not only requires excellent academic performance, but also the support from family. She advised that students who want to study abroad should have full consideration before making a choice and should stick to the study plan.


Reporter: Zhang Zixin (Y4, PRA)
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Lauren Richardson
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