The Hui Xian Village Square at UIC was filled with eager students ready to share their projects about Environmental Awareness on 13 November as part of the student project exhibition.


Students supporting environmental awareness

A total of eight different booths showcased the following environmental awareness topics: Eurasian Otter, Intertidal Zone, Chinese White Dolphin, Coral Reef, Sustainable Seafood, Mangrove, Marine Litter and Microbeads.




Various posterboards showcasing the students research

All of the different booths displayed informational posters while offering various interactive activities to participate in as a way to have a better understanding of the true effect that students make on the environment in these different areas.

For instance, the marine litter booth had a giant wall that waste/litter could be taped onto. The microbeads tent had a large fish made out of cardboard that hands could be put in to feel the microbeads inside of its stomach. Also, sustainable seafood booth had people pick out a plate of food to add up how many litres of water it took to make that meal.






Activites supporting students research

Year 2 Finance students Ruan Yujun and Liu Siqi were part of the coral reef project. They explained that the coral reef is a very important part of the world and has a big influence on the ocean system. “Most of our classmates don’t know the meaning as well as the importance of the coral reef and its impact on the world. We are using many different activities to draw our classmate’s attention to teach them something about the coral reef and the ocean system,” they said.


The students from the Coral Reef project 

Year 4 CTV student Wang Yushi, was a part of the microbeads project. “It is important to educate people on any environmental topics but specifically the use of microbeads goes unnoticed by so many. People don’t realise that they have a negative effect on the environment, therefore this exhibition can educate the students and hopefully take action to help protect the environment.”


The students from the Microbead project 

Lin Xiang and Wu Junkun are both Year 2 Accounting students that were a part of the Chinese White Dolphin project. “It is important to educate people on Chinese white dolphins because their population decreased by 2.5% each year”, they said. They explained that a lot of problems cause harm to the Chinese white dolphins but one thing students can do is recycle their rubbish.


Students from the Chinese White Dolphin project

The square was full of students excited to learn about the different environmental problems and how they can help.

Reporter/Photographer: Lauren Richardson
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
(from MPRO)