The Media Arts and Design (MAD) programme of UIC's Division of Culture and Creativity held the ‘MAD Showcase for Introduction to Media Aesthetics’ on 27 November.


Audience members watching the short films

The showcase used the theme “Introduction to Media Aesthetics” where different students' artworks were represented. The students explored various kinds of media arts and its representations, which included video, animation, stop motion animation, cartoons, collage, sound, and mix media to create their thoughts in a ‘2 Minutes Media Art for Fame’ as a self-message.

In attendance was UIC President Prof Tang Tao and he explained that although he is not creatively gifted he thinks that expressing feelings and frustrations through art is a very healthy way to do so, all while creating masterpieces. He applauded all of the artists for their hard work this semester and looks forward to the next exhibition.


President Tang Tao giving words of encouragement and praise to the students

The imageries employed were well illustrated from their study and analysis in art. In addition, the students also adopted different approaches, either psychological or visual approaches.

Each video presented different emotions, some being stress, others being life lessons such as ‘looking at things from a different perspective to see the more positive view of situations’. Each video helped students portray their emotions through the creation of art.


Acting Dean of DCC Dr Jiang Wei praises students' creativity


Assistant Professor Andy Tam introduces the MAD Showcase

Acting Dean of DCC Dr Jiang Wei and Assistant Professor Mr Andy Tat Keung Tam both spoke to the audience and praised the students for their hard work and dedication with their projects.

20191127 MADshowcase 2

A student explains her project

The showcase was well attended and each group of students were able to take a moment to explain their video creations to the audience.

Reporter: Lauren Richardson
Photographer: Lauren Richardson, Deng Bowen (Y2 IJ)
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
(from MPRO)