When news about the COVID-19 began to spread, four UIC students decided to use music to raise morale as well as donating anything that they have earned from their creation to help fight against the epidemic. (To listen to music, please click here)

The four UIC students are all from Year 2, they are Culture, Creativity and Management (CCM) student Shao Zhankai, Applied Economics (AE) student Zhang Shuhang, English Language and Literature Studies (ELLS) Xu Ziyi, and Computer Science and Technology (CST) student Hou Zhengnan.

The group wanted to help in the fight against the epidemic in some way; this is when they decided to pick up their pens and microphones to create the song, ‘Journey Train’.

20200221students compose music01

The cover of ‘Journey Train’

Speaking of the theme of the song, Shao Zhankai said that people are all passengers on the train embarking on a journey. They are connected and united during this crisis and although they can't get together now, he believed that through this song they can break the distance and pass warmth to every listener.

Xu Ziyi was the leader of this creation. He wanted to use music to empower the audience in the most hard-hit areas during this epidemic. “I have confidence in my music. If I can express my love for Wuhan, I believe it is through music,” said Xu Ziyi.

The lyrics of the song is what Zhang Shuhang wished for and that was for the epidemic to quickly be over. When that day comes, everyone can re-embark on their journey by taking the trains to all parts of the country.

Hou Zhengnan was responsible for the prelude part of the song and created the rhythm to bring the audience on this joyful journey.

20200221students compose music02

(From left) Shao Zhankai, Zhang Shuhang, Hou Zhengnan, Xu Ziyi

Through telephone communication, the four of them completed the song in one night and released it on NetEase Cloud Music.

The group hopes for the epidemic to end soon, as the song says, “Look forward to everything back to peace.” 


Reporter: Lauren Richardson
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Covee Wang
(from MPRO)