UIC President Prof Tang Tao joined an online live interview session hosted by Nanfang Daily on 28 March, where he shared his advice on university life with prospective students. Ms Mary Lin, Director of the Admission Office (AO), also gave information about UIC's enrolment of new students in 2020.

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President Tang spoke of the past and the plans of UIC. After 15 years of development, UIC has equipped itself with advanced teaching facilities and an outstanding teaching faculty, laying a solid foundation for the college's innovative liberal arts education and international-oriented education.

UIC has increased 16 partner institutions across the globe in the past year, and has collaborated on important projects with the local government and UIC's parent institutions in the areas of reseach, industry, sports and more. 

In 2019, over 75% of UIC graduates continued to pursue further studies in China or abroad, many admitted to the world top 100 universities according to QS Rankings.

In the future, UIC will further develop its STEM programmes and enhance students' abilities in mathematics, computer science and English language in the era of big data.

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Prof Tang Tao talks about the development and the plans of UIC

Around 40 years ago, President Tang was a college student himself; he gave some suggestions to future university students based on his personal experience. He said that the students should not rush to be successful; instead, they should build a solid foundation and be determined, persistent and smart. 

President Tang said that society will need interdisciplinary cooperation and development. To have a comprehensive development, students should choose the majors and paths of life according to their strengths, and balance their development of liberal arts and sciences. Moreover, communication skills are highly valued in society, and UIC places great emphasis on training students' written and oral communication skills. Nevertheless, mathematics and English studies should be paid more attention.

Speaking about the current pandemic, President Tang suggests that students should develop their learning habits while studying from home because online teaching is a trend and students need to get themselves prepared.

During the following session, Director of AO, Ms Mary Lin, shared information about UIC's admission plans.

In 2020, UIC plans to enrol 1,900 students and it is open to 30 provinces and regions across the country, in addition to students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas.

Two new programmes in 2020 will be offered: Applied Mathematics and Music Performance.

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Ms Mary Lin answers students' questions


Reporter: Covee Wang
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Lauren Richardson
(from MPRO)