After the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, UIC quickly set up a special epidemic prevention and control working group to implement necessary precautions. Now that the situation is gradually improving, UIC has started to apply the corresponding preparations to re-opening of the College.

20200407153937 5

Epidemic prevention promotional banner in the campus

The medical doctors of the College's Medical and Health Education Office have been studying the guidelines about COVID-19 preventions and have been carrying out rehearsals before staff and students return.

20200407153937 6

Rehearsal: checking body temperature upon arrival to the clinic

The process of getting medical treatment will be adjusted accordingly. If students need to see a doctor then they will be required to make an appointment in advance by phone. After they arrive at the clinic, they will need to go through a body temperature check as well as provide information about their recent history.

20200407153937 7

Rehearsal: checking information about the patient's recent history

The College has also set up a temporary isolation observation room, equipped with medical facilities such as thermometers and equipment for disinfection. If staff and students display any suspicious symptoms, they will be required to go to the temporary isolation observation room for further diagnosis.

20200407153937 8

Rehearsal: arrange the patient with symptoms to the isolation observation room

UIC's Estates and Campus Development Office (ECDO) and the security team have been working on the frontline even during the spring festival. Since 29 January, the UIC campus has been closed and as a result, when staff members arrive at the campus they will need to have identity cards or permissions.

20200407153937 9

All personnel that enter the campus will need to have a body temperature check in addition to having their car disinfected.  

20200407153937 10

Checking body temperature before entering the campus

Additionally, hand sanitisers have been prepared at the entrances of the elevators on campus.

20200407153937 3

UIC has cleaned and sterilised the filters of the air-conditioning units on campus as well as making adjustments to the ventilation system to help prevent the spread of the virus. The College also dehumidify the dormitories and inspected the drainage system.

20200407153937 2

Cleaning filters of the air-conditioning

20200407153937 13

Inspecting the drainage system

20200407153937 1

20200407153937 12

20200407153937 11

Comprehensive cleaning and sterilisation for the Residential Area


Cleaning the Teaching Area

To ensure the quality of water, UIC has been sanitising all the water-pump rooms in addition to changing the filters of the drinking water system in the residential area as well as the teaching area. The rainwater used for the automatic irrigation system has now been replaced by tap water as a way to reduce the spread of bacteria, while the sewage system has been sterilised.

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is not opened but will temporarily only provide borrow services. It will also be required to wear a mask when entering the LRC. Staff and students are encouraged to use e-learning materials.

20200407153937 14

Oasis canteen has been providing meals for the returning staff and workers since 10 February. 

20200407153937 18

Oasis is being disinfected regularly

Changsheng canteen opened on 23 March while the current opening hours of Deyi Supermarket are from 10 am to 4 pm.

20200407153937 19

Disinfecting canteens

20200407153937 21

Storage of sanitisers in Deyi Supermarket

Presently, UIC has more than 100,000 masks and many other supplies such as sanitisers, detergents, thermometers, goggles and isolation gowns. Many of these were donated by cooperative partners.

20200407153937 4

UIC receiving donations from partners

Reporter: Covee Wang
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
(from MPRO)