UIC staff and students come from more than 30 countries and regions, in addition to UIC having partnerships with more than 50 educational institutions around the world. As the spread of novel coronavirus pandemic, UIC has been concerned about its staff, students and alumni outside of Mainland China, and has been sending out protective supplies to them since the beginning of April. 

Currently, there are 200 faculty members, international students and exchange students abroad. Also, more than 700 alumni have registered for the UIC 'health package' supplies. 

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It has been more difficult recently for those abroad to purchase anti-epidemic supplies. After learning about their struggles, UIC purchased supplies including disposable masks, alcohol wipes and more, prepared nearly a thousand 'health packages', and sent them to those who need them via international logistics service.

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Among the 'health packages' sent were letters from UIC President Prof Tang Tao as well as Vice Presidents Prof Chen Zhi and Prof Mao Yaqing. They encouraged everyone to stay positive, stay safe, and that they look forward to seeing them again soon.

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Prof Tang Tao expresses gratitude towards staff members for carrying out online teaching and working remotely

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Prof Chen Zhi writes to support the students

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Regards to the alumni overseas by Prof Tang Tao and Prof Mao Yaqing

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the College has tried its best to stay in contact and support the affected staff, students and alumni.

In February, UIC distributed 1,000 yuan to support each student in Hubei. Moreover, a solid epidemic prevention and control plan was put in place on campus. UIC has stored epidemic prevention supplies for reopening the campus, including more than 100,000 masks, disinfectants, laundry sanitizers, thermometers, goggles and isolation gowns. (Read more: UIC implements epidemic prevention measures)

Facing the turbulent epidemic situation, staff, students and alumni actively participated in and supported the anti-epidemic operations. Since 22 January, teachers and alumni of Social Work and Social Administration (SWSA) have been offering training and support to first responders. (Read more: Social work alumni and staff offer support over virus outbreak)

Starting from the Chinese New Year's Eve, the Alumni Association launched a fundraising event to support Hubei with medical supplies. More than 1,000 alumni, staff members, students and parents have responded and worked around the clock to contribute. (Read more: Alumni Association donates medical supplies to Hubei)

As for the current students, some donated medical materials to medical institutions such as Wuhan Leishenshan  Hospital; some showed great courage by becoming frontline volunteers; some wrote songs to encourage people during the difficult time. (Read more: UIC community provides help during outbreakUIC community provides help during outbreakUIC students compose music to support Wuhan

In February, international staff and students of UIC have written heart-warming letters and recorded videos to show support and that they are in solidarity with China's fight against the virus. (Read more: Together we stand: International staff and students show support over virus)

As the pandemic escalated, UIC turned its attention to those who are overseas. The Alumni Association has established an overseas alumni support group to build an information platform in addition to providing support, and it involves the participation of programmes and departments of the College.

Now, the College's health packages are on the way to almost 1,000 UIC staff members, students and alumni who are outside of Mainland China.

Reporter: Lauren Richardson, Covee Wang
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
(from MPRO)