UIC overcame the odds to hold a graduation ceremony at the campus on 23 June. A total of 1326 graduates set sail into a new future.

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Affected by the pandemic, this year's graduation ceremony was held outdoors, and also implemented technology that allowed the ceremony to be broadcasted and streamed online. More than 300 students attended the ceremony, and there were more than 18,000 views of the moments of the 2020 graduates on the online streaming service.

President and Vice-Chancellor of Hong Kong Baptist University, Prof Roland T Chin, and Core Founder of Tencent and Founder of the Yidan Prize, Dr Chen Yidan, sent recorded video messages to graduates.WeChat Image 20200623204727 2 1

President of UIC Prof Tang Tao delivered an address and hoped that graduates would face up to the challenge and establish a view of happiness, learning and overall perspective.

One of the graduating students said: "In the future, no matter where I go, I will never forget that I have been a student of UIC."

Prof Roland Chin: Collaboration leads to community

During Prof Roland Chin's video speech, he brought up about how the current situation in the world is similar to the world he experienced 50 years ago. He gave examples of the chances and the drama that he experienced and compared it to what the graduating students are experiencing. He bluntly explained how their world has been turned upside but he has confidence in them as they are graduates of UIC as they transition from the 'old world' into the 'new world'.

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Prof Roland Chin via video talking about Collaborative Quotient (CQ)

Collaborative Quotient (CQ) was a huge part of Prof Chin's speech as he spoke how if people and countries collaborated they could improve the current situation to overcome many obstacles and issues. He finished his speech with encouraging words for the UIC graduates, "It is unfortunate that our world lacks citizens with high CQ, as UIC graduates I hope all of you have a high CQ. Your world needs better understanding and continuing dialogue amongst people and between countries. As UIC graduates and using your high CQ, you need to play a role to change the world." (Read more of Prof Chin's speech)

Dr Chen Yidan: Invaluable Liberal Arts despite uncertainties

Dr Chen Yidan's speech was about 'Liberal Arts Education under uncertainties'. He explained that everyone is experiencing a time of social changes and finding possibilities and certainties during these uncertain times is a challenge for all, and it is a test for our wisdom and courage. Education is the key to answer these social issues and the foundation of the future development of society explained Dr Chen.

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Dr Chen Yidan via video talking about liberal arts education

Speaking to the graduates, Dr Chen explained how fortunate they are to be UIC students as they have learned both Chinese culture and international perspectives, which will give them a unique vision in problem-solving. Dr Chen then talked about the three aspects in his opinion of Liberal Arts Education which are to guide oneself, to lead communities, and to promote dialogue. (Read more of Dr Chen's speech in Chinese)

Prof Tang Tao: Facing up to challenges

President Tang Tao took to the stage and gave a speech explaining how this year has had many changes and many graduates would have experienced different emotions during this semester. He explained that the pandemic has taught everyone a big lesson that life is unpredictable.

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President Tang Tao talks about being prepared

"For a fast-changing world, the value of a liberal arts education is not so much in getting passive knowledge, but in preparing for an uncertain world, in which you need self-learning skills, in addition to problem-solving skills and a bold spirit in seizing opportunities. Don't be afraid to fail, because failure is a good teacher," said President Tang.

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President Tang Tao awards a student a graduation certificate

There was also some good news that was shared by President Tang and that was that the College is promoting the construction of the second phase of the campus with the Zhuhai government. He hopes that the graduates will continue to pay attention to and support the development of UIC. (Read more of Prof Tang's speech)

Special ceremony

At the graduation ceremony, UIC Provost Prof Chen Zhi, awarded students graduation certificates as they came on stage one by one. The graduates bowed to Vice President (Administration) Prof Mao Yaqing as well as the Deans of the various academic divisions and received the graduation yearbook.

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Participating graduates

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(from left) Prof Mao Yaqing, Prof Tang Tao and Prof Chen Zhi

Director of the Beijing Normal University (BNU) Zhuhai Campus Management Committee and President of BNU Zhuhai Branch Wang Shoujun, Deputy Director of the Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus Management Committee Fu Ailan, Director of the Guangdong Talent Service Bureau He Qimou, Director of the Guangdong Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange Liang Zelong, Deputy Director of the Administration Committee of Zhuhai hi-tech zone Zhou Huogen and other guests also attended the graduation ceremony.

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Guests at the ceremony

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UIC Provost Prof Chen Zhi presents graduation certificates to students

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Dean of Division of Business and Management Prof Stella Cho presents a yearbook to a student

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Acting Dean of Division of Culture and Creativity Dr Jiang Wei and a student

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Associate Dean of Division of Humanities and Social Sciences Prof Simon Zhao presenting the graduation yearbook

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Associate Dean of Division of Science and Technology Prof Lei Bo with a student

Bright future

Many of UIC's graduates have been admitted by QS world top 100 universities including University College London, Nanyang Technological University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Hong Kong and Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School. The rest of them have chosen to make good use of their talents to serve the society in famous financial institutions, corporations and government agencies, and some have decided to support the educational cause in remote areas.

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Media Arts and Design student Yin Ziyou delivered a speech at the graduation. She said: "When I chose UIC and joined MAD four years ago, I didn't know what I would get in return. The new environment made me excited and worried as well, and forced me to get out of my comfort zone and face new challenges. Away from my family and the familiar environment, I tried my best to study, to explore, to communicate, and most importantly, to be self-disciplined." She is going to the University of the Arts of London (London School of Communication) for Master's study, majoring in User Experience Design. (Read more of Yin Ziyou's story)

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Yin Ziyou delivering a speech at the graduation

Chen Xin, a Year 4 student from UIC's Statistics Programme, is going to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to study the master's programme of Business Analytics. She said: "UIC is full of resources; it is how I had envisioned my dream college. I'm grateful that I have met my teachers and they not only taught us knowledge but also made me feel at home. I also learned about emotional intelligence, which has been very useful in my daily life. I will never forget that UIC is my home." (Read more of Chen Xin's story)

Born together, growing up together and studying together at UIC, the identical twin sisters Li Jiazhi and Li Jiahui, who have been in the same schools for 19 years, have received the admission letters from master's programmes of famous universities such as University College London. However, they are going to "split up" for this part of the journey. (Read more of the Li twin's story)

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When Lin Songsheng entered UIC's Accounting Programme, he was determined to improve himself in study, internships, contests, interest clubs and more, to enhance his competitiveness for future career development. Lin Songsheng not only gained a wealth of experience and handful skills but also developed his way of thinking as well as achieving his goals. After graduation, Lin Songsheng will start his career at Ernst & Young in Guangzhou. (Read more of Lin Songsheng's story)

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Click here or scan the QR code below to watch a replay of the graduation ceremony.

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Reporter: Samuel Burgess
Editors: Deen He, Covee Wang