Another year and another class of graduating students will say goodbye to their alma mater and start a new journey. The four years spent at UIC is some of the best years of their life. How many stories and sceneries have been treasured along the way? What does college mean to them? The following stories are by some Year 4 students.


College is where many young adults spend their first four years away from home. During these memorable years at UIC, the new graduates have learnt to be more independent, have learnt to cooperate, and have also learnt to find their true passions as well as understand themselves better.


Choosing the future direction in college

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Hong Jun

Year 4 graduate from Applied Psychology Programme

Four years ago, Hong Jun participated in UIC’s Comprehensive Evaluation admission test for Guangdong students. She felt being respected by the examiners during the interview, and she could express her ideas freely. This became one of the reasons why Hong Jun chose UIC.

Hong Jun studied in Applied Psychology, where she built a multi-disciplinary knowledge system of psychology, sociology, and cognitive development. Due to her strong interest in cognitive science, she decided to pursue her studies in this field. She is planning to study a Master of Science in Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London, or a master's degree in developmental psychology at Columbia University.

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Like many classmates, Hong Jun has gained a constant motivation in the heart-warming teacher-student relationship, expanded her knowledge in a variety of elective courses, in addition to challenging herself during club activities. “My biggest achievement in college is that I have figured out what kind of person I am, what I want to achieve, and what I want to become in the future,” said Hong Jun.

Hong Jun explains that at UIC, teachers practice the concept of Whole Person Education, which has influenced her to express herself and to find fulfilment. She participated in a lot of voluntary activities in Zhuhai, such as popularising AIDS preventive knowledge at a drug rehabilitation centre and carrying out sex education at a middle school. Hong Jun combined her experience with the knowledge she acquired at UIC and completed her Final Year Project in the rehabilitation of cognitive function in Alzheimer's patients.

The community activities also made Hong Jun understand more about social issues and cognitive problems. She also hopes to further study in the cognitive field, and she can master more knowledge to help solve real-world problems.

Seizing every opportunity in life

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Year 4 graduate from Accounting Programme

Zhou Shengshuo

"One of my favourite things about UIC is unlimited possibilities that are offered." Zhou Shengshuo, a Year 4 Accounting graduate, will go to work at ByteDance Technology Co., Ltd. after graduation. From business studies to working in IT, Zhou Shengshuo explained that at UIC he learnt that it is necessary to seize every possibility in life, to try, to make mistakes and to go beyond.

Four years in college, Zhou Shengshuo has not stopped challenging himself. He put more time on club activities and social practice. He has served as the president of the UIC Model United Nations; he was part of the Executive Committee of the Student Union; he has also created a WeChat public account featuring campus activities. Through these experiences, he has continuously explored his interests and practised time management skills.

Zhou Shengshuo served as a tutor in the tutorial class “Speaking of Statistics” for four consecutive semesters, which became the most fulfilling thing during his college life. Some freshmen found it difficult to study in a full-English environment, Zhou Shengshuo would adapt the materials and methods, and he helped them to find better learning methods and improve self-learning ability.

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Zhou Shengshuo (seventh from right) and the juniors he tutored

Zhou Shengshuo decided to enter the workplace after graduation. He has always believed that it’s important to choose a career he likes. Due to his strong interest in the Internet, Zhou Shengshuo has been paying special attention to related job opportunities and learning relevant knowledge in the industry. At the end of March this year, Zhou Shengshuo applied for ByteDance Technology Co., Ltd. and was successfully hired.

Zhou Shengshuo thinks it is very important to find direction during college. He encourages his juniors to be brave, and do not regret the mistakes they make or get discouraged by failures because failures and mistakes can help them to find the right direction.

Catching up on studies

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Zhang Yu

Year 4 graduate from Applied Translation Studies Programme

For Zhang Yu, her biggest achievement in 2020 is that she has graduated as planned. Due to personal reasons, Zhang Yu had to suspend attending classes in the second semester of her first year. To help her catch up on studies, the Programme Director of Applied Translation Studies specially arranged her schedules so thatZhang Yu could finish her studies in her remaining six semesters in college. During the next years of college life, Zhang Yu was incredibly busy because of the extra courses, but she never gave up.

Zhang Yu expressed gratitude towards her classmates and teachers who have provided her with a lot of help and support. When she was attending classes with juniors, she felt welcomed, and at the same time, the support from the Programme Director has also benn reassuring for her. Zhang Yu has decided to study a Master of Arts in Translation at the University of Exeter.

Writing has always been one of Zhang Yu's hobbies. During her busy college life, she insisted on writing and playing the Guqin (ancient Chinese zither), even when she was catching up with her studies. Combining what she learned in the major, she hopes in the future to translate more outstanding Chinese literary works into English.

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Zhang Yu practices in the House of Qin



Reporter: Covee Wang

Editors: Deen He, Samuel Burgess