A total of more than 2,200 students returned to UIC between 21 and 23 August, with most of them being away from campus for over eight months. To guarantee a safe and smooth return, the college imposed precautionary measures. Under the guidance of on-site staff, returning students passed the health code verification, with their body temperatures taken and nucleic acid test report presented within a week, coupled with a signed letter of commitment.

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To lower the risk of infection on their way back to UIC, the college arranged buses to pick up students and their luggage from Tangjiawan train station. The college also timely disinfected the dormitory area and regulated canteens. This reassured students that they would resume their studies on campus without any worries. xbk 20

UIC provides shuttle buses to collect students from the train station

Wang Zixuan, an Applied Economics student who joined UIC in 2019, returned to UIC from his hometown of Jilin on 21 August. Sitting in the first row on the college bus, he was thrilled to return to the College. A newly built sports park was particular to his amazement.

He described the readmission process to campus as safe and efficient. He was also thankful for the health package.

Having left the dorm for a while, Zixuan was concerned that it would be damp and mouldy. To his surprise, the dorm was clean and tidy as it was. The cleaning staff regularly disinfected their rooms, keeping the air conditioner on to dehumidify, and setting up drying areas. This guaranteed the high living standard for students.

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Students returning to campus

On 24 August, the first lesson back at college kicked off, which was part of their Whole Person Education (WPE). The lesson consisted of diverse options, with sports culture, experience development, emotional intelligence, artistic experience, etc, included. During the Covid-19 pandemic, while most UIC lessons were conducted online, those experiential learning courses of WPE simply could not go digital. Therefore, UIC is making up these lessons for students’ whole-person learning benefits from 24 August to 18 September.

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UIC assists students with moving their luggage

Han Zhiyan, a Media and Communications student who joined in 2019, boasts how it felt great to reenergize in the new sports park after spending several months at home. For him, tennis lessons were his choice for the whole person education.

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UIC staff disinfecting the dormitories in advance

This is the first time that Han Zhiyan has had a class in the sports park. He explains how the park is well-designed and the facilities are complete. With a longstanding interest in tennis, he has not had the opportunity to learn it until now. With the guidance of a professional coach, he is receiving quality training from scratch.

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UIC provides drying areas for the students' washing

The classes restarted with epidemic prevention and control measures in place. In particular, the spaced seating arrangement, or one-person one-table, was implemented. It is also necessary to maintain a safe distance during other practical activities to protect the health and safety of students.

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Water painting class

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Emotional Intelligence class

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Golf lessons

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Pilates class

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Traditional Chinese archery (Shedao)

Lin Qinhong, a Finance student who joined UIC in 2018, landed the opportunity to resume her affection for Guqin. While she could watch the teacher's presentation during the online class, she could now work on her playing techniques. She took the first class back on campus very seriously.

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Guqin class

Behind this, Qinhong shared her passion for music, which also translated into playing other musical instruments like the piano. Her goal is by practising the basic skills, she could read music proficiently and play her favourite tunes even after the course ends.


Reporter: Samuel Burgess
Editor: Deen He
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