As the COVID-19 pandemic was spreading worldwide during April, a health package (PPE) that was issued by UIC arrived at Phoenix Satellite TV headquarters building in Hong Kong. The recipient is 2015 Cinema and Television (CTV) graduate Zhao Qianxin.

After receiving the health package, Zhao Qianxin couldn't wait to make a short video and post it on Weibo, to promote and show how grateful she was to her alma mater. Zhao Qianxin currently works for Phoenix Satellite TV. From college to work, she loves to share; she keeps on learning and accumulating, step-by-step, breaking out of her world.

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Zhao Qianxin

Arriving at UIC in 2011 to begin her long-awaited university life, Zhao Qianxin was pleasantly surprised by UIC's rich curriculum as well as the special learning and living atmosphere. As she met her new classmates and gradually adapted to using English as the medium of studying, she fell in love with the small but vibrant campus.

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The graduation photo of Zhao Qianxin and her fellow students on the old campus

Zhao Qianxin explained that in the past four years, she had learned plenty of skills from UIC. In addition to professional skills, she also gained abilities of emotion management and time management. She has met many good teachers, as well as friends who stayed up all night together to editing film clips and watched the sunrise at Bo Ya Town.

After graduating from UIC, Zhao Qianxin entered Hong Kong Polytechnic University to pursue a Master's degree in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology. After experiencing the study mode of UIC, Zhao Qianxin quickly adapted to the pace of study and life that comes with being a graduate student.

In September 2017, before graduating from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Zhao Qianxin came to the Hong Kong headquarters of Phoenix TV for a job interview. After more than three hours of intense interviews, she became a member of Phoenix TV. Zhao Qianxin explained that the experience in the UIC student club helped her during the interview process. She mentioned how she was a human resources specialist for SIFE, a UIC student club (later renamed "UIC Enactus"). At that time, she accumulated experience through a lot of interviews, and these experiences benefitted her greatly.

Zhao Qianxin worked as an assistant director for Phoenix Satellite TV, and participated in the pre-production, on-site recording and post-production and broadcasting of four daily broadcast programmes such as "Behind the Headlines with Wen Tao" and "Summary of Press and "Observation Post of Military Situation".

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Zhao Qianxin passionately explained how daily broadcast time is tight. She has to communicate with the editor, photographer, makeup artist and team in the early stage; and when recording She must remind the host and crew members when to cut the picture, sound effects, lighting, times etc. which all required a high degree of concentration. After gradually adapting to the high intensity of daily broadcasts, Zhao Qianxin began to participate in live broadcasts and devoted herself to faster-paced work.

What impressed Zhao Qianxin the most at UIC was the way that many of her classmates around her spent their time. The musical 'Legend' was written and directed by her class, and the 'MJ Show' that was put together as a tribute to Michael Jackson is still fresh in Zhao Qianxin's memory.

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Zhao Qianxin (front row, second from left) participated in a musical with her classmates

During her time at UIC, Zhao Qianxin participated in the production of many short films. Under the guidance of the instructor, DCC Associate Dean Dr Wei Jiang, Zhao Qianxin and her classmate Luo Chenyun co-produced the documentary titled ‘Vortex’. This documentary records the daily life of a mother in Doumen, whose two sons suffering from congenital muscle atrophy. This documentary not only expanded Zhao Qianxin’s understanding of family relations and social issues but also won them the nomination of Best Documentary Prize (Silver Award) in the Second Canon National University Student Image Contest in 2014. The film was also nominated for the documentary unit of Student Group in the 2015 Macau International Movie Festival.

To have more contact with the industry and society, Zhao Qianxin also actively participated in a couple of internships. During the sophomore winter vacation, the crew of the Macau Radio and Television Station came to Zhuhai to film a show called ‘Macau Feeling’. Zhao Qianxin got the internship opportunity to film with the crew in Zhuhai and Foshan. In the summer of her junior year, Zhao Qianxin entered Hunan Satellite TV for an internship and participated in the preparation and recording of large-scale evening parties. The professional ability and practical experience accumulated during her university period laid a solid foundation for Zhao Qianxin's career development.

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 The shooting scene for the documentary

Whether it is entering university or the workplace, she will face many challenges. Zhao Qianxin said that her magic weapon for victory is to "be cheeky and work hard" and "observe more, think more, ask more and do more" in a new environment.

In the future, Zhao Qianxin hopes that she will continue to accumulate and improve in her work step by step. She explains that values lie by implementing a down-to-earth approach and constantly enrich your experiences and skills as you grow.

Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Zhang Fan